It is necessary to move beyond the status quo Featured

  • Written by  Matej Zorko
It is necessary to move beyond the status quo

We often hear about Slovenia's unique geographical location that provides exceptional opportunities in logistics and transport. Unfortunately, we do not know how to take advantage of them. The reason for this is not a delay in building a new railway connection between the hinterland and Koper, nor anything else in the field of infrastructure, which is too often mentioned as a problem.

Our biggest problem, in my experience, is the human factor. The age structure does not act in our favour. Older people are mostly computer illiterate, accustomed to routine work, not ready to solve the challenges that arise, and for the most part, people working in these industries are shift workers, so they have no motivation to do something - it can be done by the person working the next shift, etc. On top of everything, there is arrogant and uncultured behaviour and inappropriate communication. The railway and port systems behave like a state within a state. The rules of etiquette do not apply there, they abide by the rules of the jungle. All of this is hindering us. On the other hand, many engineers graduate each year, who struggle to find a job in their profession and undertake a wide variety of jobs to earn for a living. Not only that it is not fair, but it is also detrimental to the state and taxpayers because money is not spend efficiently. Similar situation is applicable to other matters that are in state hands and, instead of making a profit, they represent a nuisance. For example, cultural monuments require investments to prevent their gradual deterioration, , but instead of at least partially marketing them and reimbursing part of the costs, they are closed to the public. Some hard-working individuals try to change things, but there are always those who inhibit and prevent change. I hope that this government will recognise who is who and ensure the right personnel move beyond the status quo to the much desired progress, development and prosperity.

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