Fajon is the lifeline of the Slovenian right

  • Written by  Aleksander Rant
Aleksander Rant Aleksander Rant

Many of you will be wondering if I fell on my head on Tuesday morning as I was writing this column. The title is somewhat contradictory. Tanja Fajon is the supreme leader of the proud successors of the League of Communists and as such cannot be a big hope for the Slovenian right. She is a representative of the left party. However, I invite you to reconsider the possibility that Fajon is helping the right win the next election.


Let's see what Tanja Fajon represents. She is a former TV presenter, a correspondent from Brussels, which people may like as long as they think she is an independent reporter. When Fajon from the screen dived into political waters, her image of an independent journalist faded. It became clear that even at a time when she should have been independent, she was reporting in favour of the transitional elites. After that, the lady went to Brussels, where she with a big salary disappeared from the Slovenian public eye as the Slovenian public is much more involved in domestic politics. As such, she was able to be sold back to Slovenia after some time as an independent politician who would solve the problems. And this is what we are dealing with today. Tanja Fajon is marketed as a long-term politician, a successful woman who did not swim in the pond of Slovenian politics and who has very advanced ideas.

But does she really have them? Is she really the saviour of our country, the future prime minister? Not in my opinion. Her ideas became globalist, cut off from Slovenia, due to her long isolation in Brussels. The ideas presented by Tanja Fajon have nothing to do with the wishes of the majority of Slovenian voters. Most Slovenes want to successfully obtain a degree, find a good job that will enable them to survive and have some free time as well as start a family. They want a good welfare state that will take care of the weakest, they want a functioning health care system where they will receive timely services for their tax payments. They want lower taxes and they want a safe oldness - a decent pension and a room in a home for the elderly when the time comes.

They do not want what Tanja Fajon is advocating. In fact, very few people advocate her ideas. Fajon defends the rights of illegal economic migrants, saying that we must be humane with all newcomers, including those who then rape, rob and kill in European cities. We need to accept Africans, Arabs, Asians, everyone, except white Christians. Tanja Fajon advocates "climate justice", whatever that is. The idea sounds nice - let's protect our beautiful environment. But what does this idea truly entail? Profit, money and higher taxes. Motor vehicle tax, diesel vehicle tax, air pollution tax, packaging tax, tax, tax, tax… Tanja Fajon would like to tax you to the extent that you will no longer have your money and that the almighty state will decide what is good for you. When you tell people what “climate justice” means, they usually oppose the idea. This was already nicely demonstrated at the last SD congress, where the party members told the party leaders that they are a party of the welfare state and labour, not some imaginary justice for the climate. Fajon advocates a greater role of Europe. For a European super-state. For an absolutist Europe, where the member states will only be federal states without sovereign rights. At the same time, her friends at home blame evil capitalist Europe for everything bad in Slovenia. Whomever can understand.

To sum up. Tanja Fajon is a gift to the right because she stands for policies that are completely incomprehensible and useless to the average voter. When the right is in favour of shortening waiting lines in healthcare, Fajon is in favour of the European Health Union (whatever that is), when the right is accelerating investment in infrastructure, Fajon is lobbying for "climate justice", when the right is in favour of ending welfare state abuses, Tanja Fajon strives for even more social parasites, preferably from other countries. And that is why Tanja Fajon is a gift to the right. Because not even leftists like illegal migrants, because they also find green social democracy nonsense, because they also want good healthcare at home, not a new European institution that will not bring them anything.

Tanja Fajon is with every word, every idea, every press conference, deterring the most loyal voters of her party from the Social Democrats. Those who joined the party because of the struggle for workers' rights: for better working conditions and for the working class to have a voice in Parliament. They leave SD and move to other parties. Some to the Left, and according to the latest polls, quite a bit to the SDS, which in recent months has proved itself by keeping the jobs of ordinary people. 300,000 workers are still employed because of this government, not because of Tanja Fajon's dreams of migrant enrichment in Slovenia. Tanja, keep it up! Every day when you’re at the top of the SD is a gift to the right.

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