Awarded for successful fight against coronavirus

  • Written by  Metod Berlec
MEtod Berlec (photo; Demokracija) MEtod Berlec (photo; Demokracija)

Recent opinion polls show us that after a good month, the Janša’s government enjoys high public support. This is even indicated by a poll, made by agency Ninamedia (published in newspapers Dnevnik and Večer), which is known to be strongly in favour of the leftist political option.


According to the survey, 64.6 percent of those surveyed rated government work as "successful" and 28.2 percent as "unsuccessful." Among the political parties, SDS came first with 22.5% support, followed by LMŠ with 9.8 percent. It was followed by an SD of 8.9 percent, Levica with 6.1 percent and an NSi with 4.8 percent. Other political parties have lower support.

If the elections were now and only the identified voters were taken into account, the SDS would receive 37 percent and 34 seats in the state parliament. Interestingly, since the last opinion poll, support has fallen the most by Šarac LMŠ (by more than five percent), which, after his resignation, is increasingly lagging behind SDS. Šarac's early resignation as prime minister turns out to be a complete political fiasco. Blamage. His resignation was perceived by people as the act of a man, who was not up to the situation and literally threw his rifle in to the corn. That is why his latest reactions and criticisms of the new government are very unlikely, if not even pathetic.

In contrast, the new coalition government (SDS, SMC, NSi, and DeSUS), led by Janez Janša, with incredible enthusiasm, determination and professionalism, coped with the pandemic of the coronavirus and with all its consequences in Slovene society. The first results are already here, which is recognized by the majority of the Slovenian public, according to the agency Ninamedia poll, as many as 75.9 percent of respondents believe that "the government is making the right decisions in the fight against the epidemic."

Of course, a smaller, left-wing oriented political parties, are clearly dissatisfied with the government. They are already threatening with protests against the government, but they will even more, when the government will be unable to "cover" all unrealistic expectations for eliminating all the effects of the coronavirus. The State Treasury is not a bottomless sack…

About three-quarters of those surveyed believe, that the Janša’s government is "making the right decisions in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic."

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