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»Racist« Newton's apple

The University of Cape Town is notorious for student uprisings. Surprisingly, these are more common after the abolition of apartheid, as future "intellectuals" are disturbed by every little thing. They have meetings more often than they study, and the occurrence in 2016, when riots broke out that became known as the “Shackville protests and activism,” is not surprising.

The rage of the good monsters

You are wicked. Evil. Vampiric and immoral media freaks and monsters from the dark depths. This is you. There is no journalistic integrity nor slightest decency in most of you anymore. Your left-wing activism is a stifling ideology that, under the disguise of false liberalism, recognizes nothing more than an agenda that ruthlessly despises everything that people love, believe in and live for. You destroy the brave, responsible, good and God-fearing people. You are serial media killers, and strangers to neutrality and impartiality that you like to refer to. No one even expects this from you, because every person, even a journalist, has their own worldview. But you are not just manipulating, you are openly and provably lying, thus even the word shame is too mild for you. You are a sneaky conspiratorial clique. You are an insidious disgrace to your profession and mission. You are destroying everything that was sacred to this nation and ensured its survival. And you portray my homeland as an extremely unsuitable place to live.  And to work. And to debate.


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