American battle

A few days ago, on October 23, 2020, the U.S. presidential candidates clashed in Nashville, Tennessee in the final presidential debate. The most interesting fact is that Biden has significantly more money available for the campaign than Trump. Biden - according to the New York Times - has 335, and Trump "only" 223 million dollars. In the confrontation, perhaps the most interesting highlights were regarding Trump’s foreign policy. Biden finds it very difficult to object to Trump’s achievements with regard to the Middle East: Israel is negotiating with Arab countries (Bahrain, Oman, Sudan, United Arab Emirates); America withdrew from Muslim battlefields and Trump responded well in connection with the isolation of Iran. Trump may be exaggerating when he claims to have prevented a war by befriending a North Korean dictator; but he is not wrong to oppose Chinese economic aggression, disrespect for intellectual property, and so on. From the start, he has been warning Europeans, especially Germany, to honour the commitments given to NATO; his opposition to the German-Russian Nord Stream is also understandable.

 Candidates devote most of their time and words to the epidemic. Joe Biden hints that Donald Trump is to blame for the deaths of 220,000 Americans, and the latter comments that the virus was imported to America and Europe by the Chinese. Biden's main hope is a comfortable victory (including the Democratic majority in the Senate) needed for the so-called "transformative presidency," a transformation from a selfish and arrogant to a kind and compassionate America that will influence international relations by example. Biden’s method of persuading voters is different from Trump’s. Democrats rely on digital advertising, and Republicans are aggressively knocking on doors.

The most interesting dialogue between the rivals developed in relation to Biden’s predictions of what all he will do for the well-being of American citizens. Trump asked him why he did not introduce the benefits he promises now with Obama in the eight years they ruled America together. There was no convincing answer to this question, but the question is worth a serious consideration. In other words, Trump pointed out that Biden and the Democratic Party want to continue the rule of the period between 2009 and 2017; that Biden’s victory would essentially be a return to the old regime. Not to reshape, but to repeat what America has already seen and rejected with Trump's victory in 2016. Trump's assumption is confirmed by the appearances of Barack Obama, who appears in Biden's campaign - because he cannot run on his own - as an "uncle from the background." .

Regarding Trump, the Slovenian media fluctuate between contempt, ridicule and restraint. Of course they cheer for Biden. However, the official stance is - especially given the Prime Minister's messages - more on Trump's side.  Slovenia's support or rejection will not have an impact on the outcome of the US elections, but there are some interesting issues related to Slovenia's stance. After the confrontation in Nashville, Prime Minister of Slovenia issued a short message in favour of Trump, saying that we need a strong America, as Trump represents it. Most of the comments in the Slovenian media were - despite the fact that sending good wishes among politicians of similar orientations is something completely normal - negative. The media, which among many things, dislike the current government, added Viktor Orban to Janša and Trump and came to the conclusion that this is a new political connection, which could be called "illiberal" or anti-liberal in Slovene. This is where a new and rather important debate can begin.

The most paradoxical thing is that the accusation of illiberalism, at least in Slovenia, does not come from liberal, but - simply put - from the leftist circles, which means that these circles are adopting liberal rhetoric or forming a new ideology, which is not so new, as it may seem. An additional paradox is that these leftist circles - if we scratch their surface a bit - were in the past known as fiery anti-liberals (By the way: Slovene liberals after the end of SDZ or DS, after its unification with LDS and after Drnovšek's departure left the forefront of Slovenian politics in 2002!). In 1977 and later, British Labourites became close to the Liberals and tried to form “Lib-Lab” coalitions, which is quite difficult in the British environment. In Germany, liberals often participated in Christian Democratic governments, at one point even in Schmidt's Social Democratic government (1969-1982). In the accusation of anti-liberalism, we can easily recognize left-wing “genes” if we remember the accusations in the times of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia. At that time, freedom-loving people were labelled as "anti-socialist", today they are called "anti-liberalist". (Again, by the way: in addition to anti-socialist and anti-liberal labels, let's remember another one: liberals could again be compared to the "bourgeois right".)

Simply put: in multi-party systems, on the one hand, the label “anti-liberal” applies to all parties that compete with and against the Liberals. On the other hand, all multi-party systems are based on the values of so-called liberal democracy, and therefore all participants in the political game are liberal; anti-liberal could at most be a policy that operates outside the party or parliamentary system.

Speaking of paradoxes: "opponents" of anti-liberalism, among other things and mostly oppose liberal - or as it appears - neoliberal capitalism. In doing so, they remain loyal to a leftist, for example Marxist, ideology that is not only anti-liberal but also anti-capitalist. After all, it turns out that leftists and Marxists are not opponents, but both advocates of anti-liberalism. Liberals are, of course - while not compromising on human rights and civil liberties - advocates of a liberal economy, free enterprise, private education, health care, and so on. Liberals doubt the usefulness of state ownership or state intervention in the economy. If Trump or Slovenian Prime Minister are talking about the power of the American state, of course they do not mean the state control over the economy, but a state that promotes economic freedom through its measures/legislation. This is liberal politics.

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Europe and the world know many nations that do not have their own state and thus no sovereignty. Slovenia achieved this when in 1991 it got rid of the last soldier of the disintegrating Yugoslavia, whose hostage had been the Slovene nation since 1945, and even earlier we were trapped in the SHS from 1918, which in 1929 passed into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

From the dictionary of the Slovene standard language we can understand or explain that actual sovereignty for a person means high exaltation. In addition to political sovereignty, which defines independence and sovereignty and authority in a territory (including territorial integrity), we also know the sovereign behaviour of an individual based on self-confidence… Certain roles can be played by a person or group and ultimately by nations. On the basis of awareness and the peak of self-confidence in the independence processes, the Slovenian nation played its decisive role in sovereignty for sovereignty.

In the Slovenian nation, there is a charge of national consciousness, a charge of pride and a charge of victory. It may be taking a little nap at the moment, but napping is not a deep sleep. All those who have returned or have always remained on the paths of the old glory of deceiving and putting the nation to nothing, should be aware that when a Slovene clenched his fist, it is strong and invincible.

On Sunday, October 25th, Slovenians proudly celebrated their Sovereignty Day. We won it with our determination and first brought the opponent to his knees, then to his back (knockdown), and then with a one-way ferry ticket. We became independent and drove a foreign army from our territory. On the night of October 26th, 1991, military columns of the defeated marched towards Koper, and soon after midnight the outlines of their departing vessels became smaller and smaller until they completely disappeared.

As every year, on this day there were a large number of posts on social networks about events happening almost thirty years ago, when we sovereignly achieved sovereignty, which indicates the fact that the Slovenian nation still has a lot of elation and desire to remain sovereign. That’s when we set a good and unique set. The long-time occupiers of Slovenia and freedom of spirit left defeated and ashamed. We are sovereign, let us be aware of this! All this confirms the thesis that the Slovenian nation will live a long time and defend its sovereignty when it is most needed. Maybe this day is near, as some events and conditions show, but the hope remains that it will not be necessary. The vigorous nation survives, which we Slovenes have proven over the centuries, and the guarantee of sovereignty is not only a reflex, it is also state-building and is the result of unity in the efforts for it.

It is not self-evident, it is necessary to work for it, but my people remain strong, stable and sovereign! So far, nothing has destroyed it, not even the bloody communist revolution after World War II. This was stopped by the nation and the Slovene army and police by the persecution of the occupying army, which was a continuity of the revolutionary. The revolution lasted until the system changed, and some are still trying to continue it today. Thank God that all of them are in opposition today, and they are still running out of breath there.

Given the aforementioned, we can say that we have another continuity. This is the policy of the League of Communists, living in the incubator of the Social Democrats. They are still fuelled by a stolen legacy of ideology, effort, and material foundation. At the time of independence and the subsequent rush to assimilate into international integrations and revive the economy, an important task was pushed aside. We have not definitively cut through the situation from the previous regime. We democratically allowed the communists to gain the right to cultivate social democracy in Slovenia and we were given a political option, which itself declares the proud successors of the League of Communists.

Thirty years later, this political option, the strongest so far at this time, is shaking the ground under its feet. After the loss of authority, its power, which has been maintained all this time in the economy, culture, humanitarian activities and elsewhere, where there is a (too) strong influence of social scientists and philosophers, has decisively reduced. Areas that were pushed aside during the time of the predominantly left-wing authorities are gaining importance. That is, all this time a neglected economy with small and medium-sized enterprises, which are promised new opportunities through debureaucratisation, reform of tax services and, last but not least, a possible change in the retirement system. All of this will take away the incompetent and once we all profit it will give strength to those who are creative and eager to progress.

The same is promised to the media, the judiciary, corrupt police officers and other defenders of continuity who have dominated so far. Thus, sovereignty in Slovene acquires a new meaning. The one that Slovenia deserves.

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A bite through a sour Dutch apple

Decision making in Dutch politics concerning the Coronavirus pandemic has been a very slow process. When a decision was finally made it was always so full of compromises that it cannot be called resolute action. Furthermore, national politics shifts many responsibilities on to the municipalities, the business owners – such as stores and café’s -- and the “common decency” of people.  When these soft measurements turned out to be ineffective and the hospitals began to flood with Corona patients in need of intensive care, harder measurements had to be taken. This was a partial lockdown of which nobody really understood the exact rules due to conflicting public announcements.

When these measurements were finally taking effect, they were slowly dismantled due to the pressure – of mostly business owners – to resume public life again. People could travel and go out to café’s and nightclubs (although with some extra rules) again. Recently the Corona infections have been rising exponentially and we are currently dealing with the second wave.

During which, the same slow and moderate measurements process is starting again. Only this time, mouth protector masks came into the picture more assertively. Meaning, they have to be worn not only in the public transport, but in the public spaces such as stores as well (if the store owners demand it, of course). Despite the mentioned, the general public on the streets still seems to be way too relaxed about it. This could be due to RIIVM’s (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu - National Institute for Health and Environment) early and too fast conclusions that the masks were seen as ineffective. During their decision-making process of the first wave, they advised the government and this is why masks were not that important within that time frame. Now, however their opinion had taken a new turn and they seem to change their mind about it, which naturally reflects within the current measures which are, still not binding. Reason for that being that wearing the masks cannot be obligatory because of national law which would be in conflict with such potential measurements. Long story short, government decision-making on mask wearing obligations, keeps shifting towards the store owners. The latter are under the spotlight, as the government is blindly expecting them to give a final call on customer’s mask wearing “obligations”. Moral of the story – should we trust our mask-wearing instincts?

Last but not least, we cannot move pass the topic of the testing. During the first wave it has been announced that there were surprisingly not enough tests, so most of the people that got sick (and were showing only mild symptoms) were advised not to be tested. Only individuals that were submitted directly to the hospital (due to severe complications and symptoms) and healthcare workers were actually tested. Underestimations of the virus were therefore unavoidable.

For a while, authorities were also of belief that the country ran out of tests. Later on, it, of course, turned out this was not the case. Another common topic in terms of testing is also the authorities not buying the tests from large medical laboratory but instead keep ordering it from multiple research labs all over the country which caused an additional inefficiency. It is only now, that they started ordering tests in bulk. 

As far as the general public opinion goes, it seems to be that everyone is fed-up with the rules. Not only because it prevents people from getting back to their so called normality, but also because the measures seem to be ineffective. Latest numbers of virus infections no not seem to be put on hold. Drastic measures therefore seem to be unavoidable. Combined with the frustrations of the people, they seem to be the only way (for now) that could bring daily lives back on track.  As the Dutch saying goes:Door de zure appel (heen) bijten” -  Let us bite thorough the sour apple.


About the author:

Jascha de Pater is a Dutch electronics engineer. He lives in Amsterdam.

Death to Janšism - just a rude parable or a deliberate provocation?

The president of the Association of Political Prisoners and Other Victims of Communist Violence, Andrej Aplenc, gave the initiative to the court called "Hate speech" with the aim of legally achieving that the slogan "Death to Janšism" (Janšim - the act of supporting Prime Minister Janez Janša) should not be shown in public. The District Public State Atorney's Office in Ljubljana rejected the initiative/report against several suspects, explaining that it was not a criminal offense.

Based on my experience in other European democratic countries, the court should have taken action. If we do not have a legal basis for this yet, we must create one. It is becoming increasingly clear that, with the changes of 1990, we had missed an opportunity to deal with the past as civilizational changes required us to. The consequences are visible today: opponents of democracy still use terms from the time of communism or even fascism and the flagship of the communist revolution, "anti-fascism," is now called "anti-Janšism." In this way the attitude towards an independent, democratic state of Slovenia is being articulated. Opposition to democracy among communists is the result of a deeply-rooted historical experience that communism had always been firmly rejected by all established social groups. Not only by the Church and capital, but also by the working class, which sought and found a solution to social problems in determined struggles with capital, but always in some clever dialogue. This, in spite of all the negative phenomena, ensured the working class a higher standard than in the socialist countries, which with their revolutions destroyed more human lives than all the wars combined.

We must understand the actions of the Slovene Communists and left-wing extremists in this context. From its founding in 1937 until today, the Communists have had four names (KPS, ZKS, SDP, SD), which did not prevent a sharp decrease in their popularity among the public. On top of that, for their miserable existence they have to thank the Democrats, who handled them with gloves in 1990 during the independence movement.

It is no wonder, that today the proponents of communism resort to old methods known to them. They not only try to define and condemn their opponent, they also create him. Thus, they do not provide a realistic picture of their political opponent. Instead they portray him as what he is supposed to be - and not in a good way. For this reason, we need to pay close attention to what language is used by the opponents of the current government and democracy in general. Namely, language is a working instrument and can also be used as a weapon. Violence is just a subtype of active power. Verbal violence, on the other hand, is a destructive form of exercising power. It happens consciously with the goal of insulting the other, eliminating, spreading slander, and so on. If I listen to and read the statements and constructs of left-wing opponents of the government, I get the feeling that I am still living in a dictatorship where people are stigmatized, discriminated against and at the same time manipulated. People are not only harmed individually, but are also branded as the negative part of society. This is the case, for example, with SDS members, Catholics, patriots, researchers of communist crimes, fighters for an independent Slovenia and others. Thus, collective consciousness is massively influenced.

Public media, which is supposed to spread real information in a democracy, has the potential to negatively affect the thinking and feelings of many people. After all, most of them trust that public media's interpretations correspond to truth and objectivity. Therefore, the first step in the right direction would be for the public media to  stop spreading hostile slogans that evoke associations in people with half-past history and hinder the normal development of our society in all aspects.

Therefore, the slogan DEATH TO JANŠISM is not just a tasteless ridicule of the opponent. We know what it meant during the last war and what it meant to be labeled a fascist. With this label, a man became a right-less person and was at pursuer's mercy. This slogan was not chosen randomly and recklessly. It holds more explosive power than those people who do not think, think. With the judiciary at the front.

About the author:

Franci Kindlhofer is vice-president of the Association of Political Prisoners and Other Victims of Communist Violence. He graduated from the Academy of World Trade in Frankfurt am Main. He translated the book Stalin and Hitler - Pact against Europe into Slovene. He has been living in Bled since his retirement. His motto are the words of dr. Jože Pučnik: "Slovenians must re-write recent history completely anew."

Dear socio-political workers, nobody is preventing you from enjoying your delusion - but that does not mean that nobody is allowed to tell you the truth!

Recently, I have been thinking a little more about my career path so far. I have been in journalism for good twenty years and I can say that I have experienced many things in my professional career, including things that strengthened my belief that our country is far from emerging from a state of abnormality and apartheid on an ideological basis. It was clear to me from the beginning that the journalistic profession is full of risks and a kind of a menagerie where you have to be very good at surviving, but at that time I did not understand fully what it means.


I have read many theses about the importance of professional collegiality, even in journalism. Of course, I am not just talking about collegiality within the same collective, but about collegiality in general, which is practically non-existent in Slovenia. In my career, I did not spend much time with journalists from other media houses as even when I was in contact with them, I always had the feeling that they were looking down on me with a kind of contempt, because I was coming from a media house with a different ideological orientation. They called me Janša's poodle behind my back. That is why I quickly started to dislike the regime's Association of Slovenian Journalists. I never joined it. And do not regret this decision. Especially when I read various statements and comments about who threatens media freedom in Slovenia. It quickly became clear to me that there is no room for truth and justice there, but rather it is an extension of the political underworld that forms the existing system of preserving and developing revolutionary traditions, which should not come as a surprise since the Slovenian Journalists' Association had developed from the Partisan Newspaper Association. The name has changed, but the spirit of revolution and struggle against the class enemy remained the same.

But even if I disregard the political reality of Slovenia, including the asymmetry of the social space and the control of social subsystems by the "eternal masters", who follow the almost 40-year-old spell of Stane Dolanc (you know, I mean: "... if if it weren't for me, it would mean there is someone else... ”), the work of the DNS and all possible media careerists is equally ignorant - from the point of view that they consider themselves to be some kind of untouchable bosses. They themselves can criticize, slander, attack, spread lies and engage in political activism in the worst sense of the word, while “the others” have no right to defend themselves and God forbid that anyone critiques them. In other words, they are not held accountable to anyone, there is only a blue sky above them (probably without the yellow sun, right?).

Freedom of speech means that if someone freely disseminates untrue information, the other party has the right to reject, critique, and present their side of the story. This is normal: even during the war for Slovenia, agency news appeared on the radio that the at the time President of the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia, Milan Kučan, had signed a document with the European Troika (De Michelis, Poos, Van den Broek) on his first night mission agreeing to its terms to ensure peace. The next day, at the first press conference, Kučan denied this, which was understandable given the information circulating, saying that we pawn our independence very quickly: in exchange for peace, we allegedly promised to return to the state before June 25, 1991. Well, fortunately, this did not happen, but the Slovenian media at the time played a positive role, although there were some exceptions. There were many awkwardness that we were able to calmly forgive, including a slightly emotional performance by the host of the daily news A. Š. at the height of the YLA aggression. But in general, the media did their job of state-forming at the time.

And what is happening with the state-formation stance now? Unfortunately, it struggles. The wave of the epidemic is unreasonably worse than in the spring, and the lion's share of the blame for this lies with those who enabled various influencers, from Zlatko to Tanja. I believe it hurts if someone we know as the current Prime Minister publicly scolds you on Twitter. But this is not just happening here. In general, there has always been a lot of noise due to Janša's tweets, even at the time when Janša was only the president of the largest opposition party. There is no winter for Eskimos, you could say in his style. But it is incredibly ignorant to first invite people who have publicly undermined government action to the mainstream shows, and later point the finger at the government, saying it is not effective enough. But when the other side responds, there is crying, moaning and gnashing of teeth. Ergo: We are victims of Prime Minister. Yes, victims so we can attack. And this is called mimicry.

When I observe the latest moves of socio-political workers, I can only smile bitterly. Whether it is a letter from 22 editors or a lawsuit filed by three Soros branches at ZDF, or a letter from various activists of the Peace Institute to European institutions. Everything has already been seen and is boring. Because all this always happens when the "wrong" option is in power. The real motive of such activities is too transparent to be overlooked. There are also cases when the on-duty media pastors should come forward if they had at least a hint of morality in them. For example, the recent theft and obstruction of the work of the Nova24tv cameraman by Zlatan Čordić (at that time the DNS released a very vague and poorly structured statement to the public), the conviction of Bojan Požar, as well as a physical attack on a journalist of Demokracija, Petra Janša, who was also threatened because of her engaged monitoring of the scandalous trial against dr. Milko Novič. But nothing happened. In fact, the regime's careerists even applauded when at the time Prime Minister Marjan Šarec  carried out an advertising diversion against the media he disliked (including Demokracija). However, now, that they have become the subject of critiques, they are crying again about what injustice is happening to them.

Hence, dear socio-political workers and soldiers of the revolution, who dare to call yourselves journalists: so far you have denied me and my colleagues from the "wrong" media houses the title "journalist" saying we are just party propagandists. If you want to play such a game, so be it - in fact, I am denying you the title "journalist". Because you fool around and do not even hide anymore how you prostitute yourself for crumbs from the master’s desk. I am not denying you the right to do so if you want to continue. But do not think that anyone else will believe you when you attempt to convince the public how free and independent you are and how Janša wants to take the freedom away from you. There better not be any unnecessary crying and moaning. I wish you lots of fun in your quasi-media progressivism! I do not need it.

Six key days or China has to pay

The new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has killed nearly 1.3 million people worldwide, and from the disease it causes (COVID-19) more than 44 million has suffered. Nobody knows where the numbers will stop. The virus is known to be very aggressive and insidious, not just a (milder) form of the flu. What consequences it will leave on those who have overcome it is also a guess. There are many unknowns, some predictions are scary and not very promising. But the indisputable fact is, which is often forgotten today that the coronavirus comes from the Wuhan region of China, where thousands of people died in January this year.

When, how and why the pandemic began, we may never know. The patient zero, who is crucial for understanding how disease spreads, has not yet been found. There are several theories, but they are all on shaky ground. The predominant one says that the virus came from bats. Significantly, it was in a laboratory in Wuhan that experiments were conducted on this nocturnal animal, which is a culinary delicacy in China. Scientists believe the bat did not transmit the virus directly to humans, but must have had an intermediary, an intermediate host. Some believe that it is a protected pangolin that is prized for its meat and is traded under the table in the markets. Yet another theory says the virus was passed on to humans after one of the lab workers, who thought he was underpaid, stole experimental animals (monkeys) and resold them infected to traders at a market in Wuhan. But something is almost certain. It all started in the capital of Hubei Province, where most of the virus’s genetic material was found.

At this point, we come to a key problem; the unresponsiveness of the Chinese authorities or their Communist Party, which laid the foundations of the pandemic. The most prominent members of the party already knew on January 14th (according to documents obtained by the AP news agency) that a health crisis of global proportions was looming. In hospitals, not just in Wuhan, hundreds of people have been diagnosed with an unknown disease, and on January 13th, the first case was reported in Thailand. But they remained silent until January 20th. Six (6) days! In these 144 hours, which today prove to be fatal, mass feasts were allowed to take place at the center of the eruption, and millions began to travel around the world due to the lunar celebration of the New Year. Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke about the danger of the virus only on the seventh day. All this time, China has had the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), which thus bears part of the blame for everything that has followed in the coming months and will continue to follow. And it is perverse that the Asian superpower today sells to the world drugs and medical devices to combat COVID-19, they are earning well and will record 5% economic growth at the end of the year (unlike the rest of the world).

It is quite clear that in the critical and early days of the outbreak, the Chinese Communist Party concealed (or silenced) key information about the pandemic from the rest of the world. Today, they deny responsibility, but very unconvincingly, as all the facts show that this health crisis could have been largely avoided if China had been fair and transparent. Which, of course, is illusory to expect from communists who have a lie in their genetic record. Rather, they first hunted, imprisoned, and silenced scientists warning the world of the disaster through various channels, only then did they close Wuhan Airport, from where planes fly around the world, including London, Rome, and Paris. The virus had the door to the world wide opened. Despite all the evidence, China tried the classic communist agitprop - that the virus was brought to Wuhan by the US military. Which, of course, was quickly dismissed.

Thanks to China, Europe is today the center of a pandemic. That is indisputable. Europe, inlcuding Slovenia, will suffer the greatest damage. It is therefore incomprehensible that left-wing activists, with the help of the mainstream media and left-wing opposition political parties, accuse the center-right government (especially Prime Minister Janez Janša) of not only not controlling the situation but are also blaming the current government for COVID-19. They are protesting, demanding the resignation of the government, boycotting urgent measures to curb the spread of the infection and instigating people. This is perverted to the end - instead of organizing a rally in front of the Chinese embassy and demanding compensation from the Chinese. And the Slovenian media (from RTV Slovenia and POP TV to Dnevnik, Delo and Večer) prefer to attack and interrogate the government (and report everything negatively) than to delve into the crisis and investigate its beginning, the source of this evil. But, you know, the ideological and blood heirs of communism, which is responsible for the deaths of 100 million people in the 20th century, will always stick together. Communists are the same all over the world, they are united by the culture of death.

Even Mao Zedong, who is still worshiped as a deity by the current Communist Party, wanted half of humanity to become extinct a little over 60 years ago, which would have paved a path to at the time socialist revolutions around the world. First, Western economies need to be devastated, then leftists can seize power by force. Attempts to overthrow the democratically elected authorities by street protests are already happening across Europe. They are usually hidden behind typical agendas of political correctness. Obviously, Slovenian glorifiers of communism and socialism are also counting on chaos, which is why they are sabotaging the government's urgent measures.

But remember one thing. The health crisis was triggered by China. It is its fault. The virus came from China. Just remember how Europe helped it. Slovenia as well. We shipped tons of medical equipment to Asia. And what happened? We can read unofficial information online that this equipment had been retained by the Chinese communist authorities and later sold back to Western countries. Outrageous!

The Chinese communists are without a doubt to blame for the painful health circumstances in Slovenia and around the world. This is the third pandemic that originated in China. And the worst one so far. That is why China needs to be hit where it hurts the most. It needs to be issued a well-written invoice, it needs to be forced to kneel to remember that one does not play with people’s health and human lives. If it does not take responsibility and pay, it will be necessary to resort to more radical means - to confiscate the property of their billionaires and the most prominent members of the party in Western countries - they own a lot of property in the West, the numbers go into the hundreds of billions of euros. It is also necessary to strike at their honor and pride. Slovenia could organize days of Tibetans or Uighurs, officially invite the most prominent Chinese dissidents to visit Slovenia, name a street after them or dedicate monuments to them.

The Chinese virus is not a natural disaster, it is not the result of alleged global warming, it did not fall from space or was brought to Europe by a cloud. The new corona virus has its origins, has a name and a surname, it is known who is to blame for it - China. Especially its communist leadership. The concealment of the data, the half-truths and lies of Beijing, and above all the incredible negligence in handling the virus, have brought hell to the world.

China must pay!


Joze Biščak is editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists

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Immature rebels with no reason

In my youth, I was taught at home and at school that you do not automatically become an adult at the age of eighteen, but only when you can take responsibility (and not only legally) for your actions and be aware of the consequences that these actions can have.  This does not mean that there is not even a little rebel in me today. I remember how I was carrying a banner with a famous Jefferson quote at the Committee 2014 protest meetings (“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”).

The realization of Jefferson's idea was applicable to the case of dr. Milko Novič, with whom perjury plays games and continues to prolong the extremely embarrassing Kafkaesque process - a process that those at cycling rallies, who now shout the same quote out loud, do not care about. They are only interested in their ego. Like all those covid-idiots who violated two measures in Fužine (restrictions on gathering and night movement) and then even physically attacked the police officers. Yeah, they really are the cool guys!

Personally, I am not one of those who would panic because of COVID-19. However, I rely on the opinion of the profession that the virus is quite new and therefore much more dangerous to the human body than the long-known flu. Mass infection with COVID-19 can completely destroy an already undernourished public health system, which is exhausted mainly due to the activities of the health mafia that flourishes primarily during the rule of the transitional left. The consequences of this cannot be eliminated in just a few months, as the modern socialist "kulaks" (KUL - coalition of the constitutional arch) are now claiming. Thus, it is important to be responsible and to respect the temporary restrictions of public life.

Another issue, of course, is the international responsibility for COVID-19. Certainly the lion's share here is borne by the People's Republic of China and the World Health Organization. One cannot avoid the impression that behind all this is a monstrous plan for the economic collapse of world economies, with the Chinese taking the lead and the Freemasons building a new global totalitarian order.

World champions in wasting opportunities

Last week, on Twitter, Janez Janša expressed his support for President Trump in the November elections. What's worse, all of Slovenia's fifty shades of red and the globalist milieu went crazy, saying that Janša was interfering in the American elections. Because this is inadmissible or something.

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[Letters - from victory to victory] Kuzla revolution

We, the proud successors of the Communists, find that the revolution is proceeding too slowly. That is why we have called some into the front lines, right-wingers and home guards would say primitive cadres to spread our thoughts, which we cannot yet do for political reasons. In doing so, we follow the instructions of our great communist and head of the State Security Administration, Milan Kučan - first disqualification is required, then liquidation, also physical.

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Trump's victory

With each passing day we are closer to November 3rd, the day when we will be able to say that the American people have reaffirmed their confidence in US President Donald Trump and give him a second presidential term.

Does America First lead to liberal society?

This post I originally wrote in January 2017, after the inaugural speech of Donald Trump. 

It was not about Donald Trump, and it still is not about him. I cannot say much about him since I know him only from media and his social media engagements. And that is not enough. 

How could I claim that I know him only from the media? He certainly has done something in practice, not as his statements but as his deeds. He certainly has done something. Unlike his predecessors, he did not start any war. He had quite some initiatives to lower global political tensions. The economy in the USA is doing fairly good. I know this despite the main media for the main media do not present Donald Trump in this light. And in the final analysis, I have to conclude that I cannot evaluate Donald Trump after four years of his presidency but through media reports. It will take decades until the media picture of Donald Trump is going to be reevaluated in more or less accurate historical perspective. 

This brings me back to my original position. I can only analyse his inaugural speech that I have had direct access to. 

I decided not to comment on what I wrote almost four years ago. Let us all be in an equal position to assess the implications of what I wrote after four years of experience. 

This is what I wrote in January 2017:

The difference between the speech and Donald

I will only reflect some messages conveyed by his inaugural speech. I hope the difference between statements:

“conveyed by Donald Trump”


“conveyed by his inaugural speech”

is understood. With that, I want to stress that I cannot be sure how Donald Trump understood his inaugural speech. Only after we see some of his acts, we will be able to come a little bit closer to what he really had “in mind”.

“America first and liberalism

First of all, I take the “America first” message from the perspective of liberalism. Why? Because that message conveys the basic liberal value that no one can live your life but yourself.

This simple truth killed by all collectivists from fascists to communists should be understood for all possible identities. It is valid for an individual person, for this or that family, for a local community, for a city, for a state and whole Earth if confronted by aliens. This is a message about identity, protection of identity, about simple rules of brandlife and against terrible mistakes of multiculturalism. This is a message that one has to have a strong sense of his own identity to enter mature relation with another identity. Weak identities cannot cooperate, cannot communicate and cannot trade. So one has to put his identity first to start mature cooperation with the rest of the world. That is valid for me as much as for America.

The supremacy of the individual

Strong statements about bringing power back from Washington to people supported this message. Many have evaluated this statement as demagogy. This only means that those attacking this message are hard-core collectivists, followers of Marx, Lenin and Hitler.

Namely, one cannot think about liberalism without having supremacy of the individual over any other collective organisation as the highest possible value. But to range values that way (liberal way) also means that individual is a supreme authority not only above the state but also above the church (all churches), trade unions, NGO dictatorships, LGTB and other fashionable movements organised as organisations, Scientologists, Universities (as those that speak in the name of their members), Rotary clubs, Chamber of Commerce’s and even more all supranational bodies like United Nations, WHOs and so on and so on.

The paradox of collective bodies

And here exactly we enter apparent paradox. Namely, we cannot imagine a contemporary society that could operate on the laws of direct democracy. We cannot imagine democracy without democratically elected bodies that decide and take actions (legislative and executive power) in the name of individuals. And immediately when we have bodies that are more complex than one individual that should have supreme authority, such bodies by definition form their own personal identities. And those identities should be protected as stated before by basic liberal value and law. If protected, that should necessarily apply protectionism and thus the destruction of liberal values, so it seems.

This paradox could be seen in the inaugural speech as well. It was said that Americans should buy American goods first and hire American people first. It looks like this message introduces protectionism as an important value, but then we feel that such value cannot go hand in hand with the liberalism of the first message. One could understand from the statement that the identity of America could be protected only by protectionism.

It looked like either the message conveyed an unsolved paradox or that the statement bluffed about putting Americans first or that it bluffed about protectionism. (As the matter of fact critics of Trump say both: that he bluffs not only about putting people first but also that capital behind him is going to soften his protectionism, which is a telling cognitive dissonance of such critics by the way.)

Is this really unsolvable paradox?

No. It is not! It is not if one understands the hierarchy of values seriously. Namely: if individual supremacy is the highest value, then protection of identities could be derived from it without any harm to first supreme value.

How? Let me give some examples.

If the power of economic transaction really lies unhampered within the individual, then he needs no trade unions, no consumer protection NGOs and other intermediary bodies that protect an individual from evils of his environment and no other protections but the protection of peaceful collaboration (police and army). Don’t we see that immediately when we try to protect individual, we already destroy his supremacy? So the State that would govern its business in the direction of abolishing all elements that are destroying individual’s supremacy could act both as identity guardian and as a supporter of free trade. There is no paradox in this.

The hierarchy of values

Now we do not know whether Donald Trump will take this liberal direction because there is always an option to understand values in different hierarchical order.

It is such a huge difference if you take protectionism as first-order value and individual supremacy as a derived one. Marxists, socialists and all USA governments after Woodrow Wilson or even after Theodor Roosevelt chose this second option that contradicts completely to what Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Adams had as their vision. There were some exceptions like Ronald Reagan, but he was quite unsuccessful amidst the prevailing environment occupied by memes of Hollywood and Universities.

The role of intellectuals in collectivism

It is quite clear now that Marx was completely right that socialism should first emerge in Germany (although Russia took a slight primate). Still, he underestimated the power of intellectuals as a major force behind collectivism completely.

Revolutions in Germany with Nazism and in Russia with Bolshevism in fact harmed communist spread around the world. Intellectuals that already at the beginning of the 20th century dominated social meme scene would make much faster progress with the collectivist paradigm without mentioned two failures. Those two failures enacted too fast disruption so that the shift to worse was apparent to everyone.

The evolution nowadays intellectuals force in support of communism is much more subtle. The frog (people) does not feel slight changes in the temperature of water in which we are cooked. We even feel comfortable. We evaluate sweets that we get from a state and collectivist bodies as beneficial as much as a frog takes warmer and warmer water in which it is cooked as pleasant.

The supremacy of the individual is possible

I don’t know if Donald Trump can establish a productive hierarchy of values. I do not know if he really understands the basis of liberalism, economic transactions and transactions of values explained by Ludwig von Mises or constitutional values defined by founding fathers of America. But if he does, then America could even produce a society in which multiculturalism rises from the supremacy of the individual. Namely, only after intermediate bodies that harm supremacy of individual ent to behave like drug dealers, the need for protection evaporates. Then only there we would have an environment in which individuals could cooperate globally as sovereign bodies and could establish multicultural cooperation raised from egoistic needs and not implanted as political agenda.

And yes. This is called homonism.


First published HERE.

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COVID-19 depression? No, thank you.

We are back to where we were last spring. We are witnessing the second wave of the epidemic and life is slowing down again. Information about the closure of schools, kindergartens, the inability to move between regions, the closure of bars and the prohibition of other forms of public gatherings are certainly a good reason to worry about your future. The lack of physical contact with people in us evokes a feeling of alienation, loneliness and triggers a bunch of thoughts about ourselves and relationships with others. Life is becoming increasingly unpredictable and our future uncertain.

This is a condition that might make people feeling anxious. A feeling of anxiety is fed by feelings of the unknown and unpredictable. Regardless whether our lives before were pleasant or not, we at least had a sense of knowing what tomorrow would look like. The state of uncertainty, however, stimulates many rather dark thoughts. In desperate desire and craving for a sense of certainty, our brains replay various, unfortunately mostly dark scenarios. Such a mechanism is primarily intended to maintain attention, alertness and vigilance, but unfortunately this same mechanism can easily lead us to panic, search for shortcuts, reckless decisions and oftentimes sadness. It also leads to depression and lack of the right will to work.

But we can still do a lot to protect ourselves from it. Maybe we cannot control our feelings, but we can certainly control our attention to life aspects that we can also control. I am talking about simple daily tasks and decisions such as what will we eat or what will we wear today, as well as about the slightly more demanding ones, such as our goals, our inner conversation, or the judgment of arguments for the beliefs we have about this or that. Write them down on a piece of paper and you will be amazed at how many there are.

Probably during this crisis, you are following the government spokesman, the NIJZ recommendations and all sorts of other related news. We want to be up to date, but such a flood of information is a double-edged sword. If you are exposed all day to relentless statistics, unpleasant news from hospitals and nursing homes, if all the time you are listening to where and how many people have been transferred to intensive care and how many people died, then that is all that is going on in your world. If this puts you in a bad mood, it may be time to turn off the TV for at least a while and surround yourself with some positive information. The leap into some fairy-tale world will not happen overnight, but certainly a greater amount of positive information will slowly change your mood. Just as negative information has. The more we are exposed to peace, joy and positive ideas, the stronger and faster it can affect us together. What puts you in a good mood? Comedies? A good sandwich? Book? Sweets? Crossword puzzles? Puzzles? If ever, now is a good time for all these things.

Many lose rhythm in these times and are not productive. They are not lazy, they just lack the right will. The tackle such a condition stick to daily routines. Take your time, make a new schedule and stick to it. Get up in the morning at the same time as you would otherwise on weekdays. Take time for lunch and dinner and schedule time for recreation and similar repetitive activities and tasks. Such an approach helps us maintain a sense of progress in life. It also let us continue with our efforts to achieve personal goals. Reading, writing, attending online courses, and learning are just some of such endeavours.

Either way, it is up to us to each do our own thing in these extraordinary times. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary adjustments and extraordinary measures. Adherence to the implemented measures connects us, as together we are overcoming the crisis despite the fact that we are not physically next to each other. Even if we feel powerless at times, we can contribute our share by encouraging and setting an example to others. It may not seem like much, but every such step counts, adds up and leads to our victory.

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Death to Janšizem (Janša = Prime Minister of RS) - Just a rude parable or a deliberate provocation?

The president of the Association of Political Prisoners and Other Victims of Communist Violence, Andrej Aplenc, took the initiative called Hate speech in order to achieve through the judiciary that the slogan "Death to Janšizem" should not be used in public. The report filed through a lawyer against several suspects who carried banners with the slogan "Death to Janšizem" at anti-government protests was rejected by the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Ljubljana, explaining that it was not a crime.

I cannot agree with the decision of the prosecution for the following reasons:

Courts should act against such phenomena in public. If the prosecution and the judiciary make excuses that they have no legal basis for this, then we need to create it through legislative instruments.

In Slovenia, great social changes took place after 1990, but there was no extensive treatment of the past in all structures, as required by the given civilizational changes. Thus, we find that many expressions of opponents of democracy also originate from communism or even fascism. Thus, for example, verbal anti-Janšizem articulates the attitude towards an independent, democratic state of Slovenia.

Opposition to democracy among communists is the result of a deep-rooted historical experience that communism has always been firmly rejected by all established social groups. Not only by the church and capital, but also by the working class, which sought and found a solution to social problems in, otherwise decisive struggles with capital, but always in some clever dialogue. That this path is more successful than communist radicalism has been most clearly shown in capitalist countries, where labour has had and still has, despite all the negative phenomena, a higher standard of living than in the so-called socialist countries. It is absurd, however, that the communist revolutions in the world claimed more casualties than wars, and the results were devastating.

Since its establishment, the Communists have given themselves a fourth name

In this context, we must also understand the actions of the Slovene Communists, or left-wing extremists. From its founding in 1937 until today, the Communists have given themselves a fourth name, (KPS, ZKS, SDP, SD), but their influence on social development is diminishing. For today's influence they still have, they must thank precisely the democracy they are constantly attacking. Because it was this democracy, which at the time of independence and liberation from communism, treated them almost unreasonably humanely and failed to dump them in the dustbin of history.

Today, proponents of communism resort to old methods known to them. They not only try to define and condemn their opponent, but also create one for themselves. Thus, they do not give a realistic picture of what their political opponent really is, but what it is supposed to be.

Language can also be used as a weapon

For this reason, we need to pay close attention to what kind of language is used by opponents of the current government and democracy in general. Namely, language is a working instrument and can also be used as a weapon. Violence is just a subtype of active power. Verbal violence is a destructive form of exercising power. It happens consciously with a goal, to insult another, to exclude, to spread slander, and so on. If I listen to and read the statements and constructs of left-wing opponents of the government, I get the feeling that I am still living in a dictatorship where people are stigmatized, discriminated against, and at the same time manipulated with public opinion. People are harmed not only individually but also as a negative part of society. This is the case, for example, with SDS members, Catholics, patriots, researchers of communist crimes in the past, fighters for an independent Slovenia and others. Thus, the collective consciousness is massively affected.

Public media, which is supposed to spread reliable and true information in a democracy, has the potential in our country to negatively influence the thinking and feelings of many people. After all, most people trust that their interpretations correspond to truth and objectivity. Therefore, we should take the first step in this direction so that the public media does not spread such a hostile slogan that evokes associations in people with half-past history and hinders the normal development of our society in all segments.

Therefore, we cannot look at a slogan such as "death to Janšizem" as an otherwise tasteless mockery of the adversary. We know what it meant to be labelled a fascist during and after the last war. Whomever was affixed with this title became a lawless person, exposed to the mercy and disfavour of their environment. Thus, this password was not chosen randomly and recklessly. There is more explosive power in it than those who do not think, believe. With the judiciary at the helm.

Slovenian leftists, rightists and violence

I often ask myself, what is the difference between leftists and rightists, and their supporters? Let me state some verifiable facts in this regard.

If I do not count the first Slovene democratically elected government (make no mistake, I am referring to the government of Lojze Petrle, leftists would say Kidrič's government in 1945, they do not even acknowledge the government that lasted only a few days in 2019), then everything is clear. Thirty years of independent Slovenia shows that the leftists have been in opposition for only a good five years and in power for the rest of the time.

What about the issue of violence? Do you remember any street demonstrations, especially violent ones, during the time of left-wing governments? I do not. So we right-wingers did not even demonstrate, let alone be violent.

However, we have gathered many times, in an organized and legally permitted manner (court gatherings and other gatherings). We also organized separate state celebrations, but we have never jeopardized official state celebrations.

But what do leftists do during right-wing governments? In 2012-2013, violent demonstrations were organized in Maribor, as well as in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia. The protestors were even paid. Dozens of police officers were injured. As soon as the right-wing government fell in 2013, the protests ceased.

In 2020, even before the right-wing government took office, the leftists again organized unreported and thus illegal demonstrations calling for the assassination of Janez Janša. In both 2012 and 2020, leftists physically threatened and attacked participants in state celebrations, while shouting that the police were attacking them. Have you ever noticed right-wingers doing something like that? I did not.

What about left-wing and right-wing politicians? Left-wing politicians are taking part in and supporting unreported violent protests. This was the case in 2012, and it is the case this year. Right-wing politicians, on the other hand, expose themselves and organize public but registered and legal patriotic, and especially non-violent rallies, where Slovene flags flutter and Slovene songs are sung.

I am happy to be on the right side and I will remain here.

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About fear and courage in times of trouble

In the ancient Scandinavian poem Skírnismál we can find a verse: »There are always better choices than despondency if you have work to do in front of you.

One day long ago, my life was already shaped and my destiny was written down.« The verse is uttered by the hero of the poem Skírnir, when the capricious Nordic gods send him on a risky path that could cost him his life. Skírnir accepts the share assigned to him with stoic calm; he is aware that it has been decided from the beginning of time whether he will survive the journey or not - but at the same time he is reassured that neither he nor any of the other mortals know their fate. With free will, he can only do everything he can to turn things to his advantage.

The verse is by no means the only thing that reflects the unusual spiritual maturity of the ancient Nordics; it is, however, typical of their attitude to fear and to the confrontation with real and imagined dangers that inevitably loom over each one of us in this earthly existence. If anyone ever knew anything about coping with fear, it must have been the people who sailed the North Atlantic from the coasts of Norway all the way to Greenland and Vinland at least a millennium ago in their wooden shells; modern Slovenes could learn something from them - and in the year 2020 this would definitely not hurt us.

For it seems that the little gods who rule our daily lives want to arouse fears in us, not courage. Too often, unfortunately, they succeed. Just remember the sinister cassanders who prophesied back in March this year that the new coronavirus would kill at least a few tens of thousands of our compatriots by summer; or the poor souls wandering around Ljubljana in Friday processions because they are being chased in their heads by an imaginary dictator... So much fear all around us. But how many opportunities do we miss, how much anxiety do we sow, and how much bad fruit do we reap if we let it guide us despite the fact that we still live in one of the safest, healthiest, and most peaceful countries in the world? Come on, Slovenes. We are worth bigger things. Don't be afraid.

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Healthcare and the role of the mainstream media

The state of our health is bad despite the countless "ants" and capable individuals and groups! As a specialist doctor at the clinic, involved in the organization and system of work before 1990, elected to the 1990 Independence Assembly, I must write that health care was in a disastrous financial situation that year and far from what the successors of the communist regime want to show today. In addition, it should be noted (Document about Privileges, issued by the Ministry of Justice in 2008) that there was no “public” health care for the privileged caste of Communist Party members at the time.

They organized their own, “private” one, within the Emona Hospital with special budget money! Today, problems with the environment in the Posočje, Mežica, Celje and many other places speak of party indifference to people's health! It’s true that there were no queues because we employees did everything for the money from the budget, but when we ran out of it, we printed it out. Remember the inflation! With the establishment of the Health Insurance Company, with the adoption of the tolar and later the euro, this was no longer possible and problems began to accumulate! They started to accumulate because in all 30 years we have not been able to make the reform that would be urgently needed for objective reasons (aging, increasingly expensive medicine, the difficulty of patients), and they have done it in other European countries! Regarding where we really are in the field of healthcare between OECD and EU countries today, we need to look at Health at the Glance 2019 (where it is clear where we are bad) and the Euro Health Consumer Index (where we are in 21st place in the society in the field of healthcare of not very reputable countries). The sight will sober us up. The situation is not bad due to private health care in Slovenia, which is practically non-existent, but due to the situation in health care in our country, which does not adapt to epidemiology, it is poorly funded, organized, and managed. All this stems from the ideologisation and politicisation of health care, done by the left, which has been leading and managing this health care system for at least 23 years out of the 30 years of independence!

I do not want and cannot be an advocate of the private sector as well as a critic of public health. However, the fact is that in countries where they have better health care than us, they have sought and found the right path and the right relationship between public and private. Western countries (almost all) do not have only public or only private health care. Healthcare is not financed and implemented only in the public or private sector! (Canada's Health Care System: An Overview of Public and Private Participation, Health, Education & Social Welfare: Jay Makarenko; Health, Education & Social Welfare, Oct 22, 2010). Even in Canada, where health care is primarily funded by public money, the private sector plays an important role, especially in areas where there are “loopholes” in insurance! However, it is true that the state sets the standards of work (where are these in our country?), and the contractors negotiate the prices directly with the insurance companies (they are set by the HIIS in our country)! A good health care system is important for social security and must ensure solidarity in funding, fairness in access and quality assurance!

This is written in the Ljubljana Charter from June 19th, 1996, but we do not adhere to it in our, not public, but state system. At the same time, some, for which they even use the harmful protests of "cyclists", are fighting for public, sorry, for state health care, which brings them benefits! No one is abolishing public health! The fact is that we need a reform of services (fragmentation, management) and a reform of financing! The left does not care, because the current system, so to speak exclusively state-owned, provides them with control over financial flows in procurement and thus corruption, which they "fight with all their might". Hence the shouting and screaming of the opposition when purchasing medical equipment, because the margins (not the commissions) did not go into the right hands! It should be emphasized that both systems have bad and good features (due to the volume of the text, I cannot go into this), which must be covered with regulation by the state, and this is also happening in developed countries! It is certainly important to establish competitiveness, which is not present in our national planned health care! In most countries, the public-private ratio is 70%: 30%, with 30% of the private sector largely financed by public funds! The debate over whether there should be public or private health care is therefore ideological and ordinary politicking! It is sand in the eyes of the people in which the left is very skilled, the successor to party habits, which also controls all the central media! Our "independent" media, led by RTVS, have recently played an important role in managing public opinion on what we need, recently in relation to COVID-19! They are "selling" their truth that the current government is not in control of the crisis, and in a way that this is only happening to us. The next moment, they report about a bad situation in Europe, but the original impression on the viewer, the listener remains! Not a single sentence so far has mentioned that it appears that there has never been such a big gap in our knowledge between what we need to know and what we know! No, for our central media the problem are dr. Krek and Mr. Kacin. Funny, harmful!

And finally, let me set up a mirror with something else for RTVS: a doctor from Maribor was brought to Tarča, who recently told for Večer that intuition, inner intelligence, and an open heart are the answer to all questions and a cure for all diseases. Really amazing choice of interlocutor! At the same time, he encouraged opposing to the actions of the profession and the government!

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Dear Tanja Fajon, Jernej Štromajer and comrades from SD, I am immediately ready to share your enthusiasm about the victory of Jacinda Ardern, if you… ..

“Very good news for New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern is an inspiration for progressive politicians around the world," president of the SD, Tanja Fajon, wrote on Twitter on the occasion of Ardern's Labor victory in the New Zealand elections. Her comrades from the SD led by Jernej Štromajer as well as the socio-political workers of the media mainstream agreed with her comment.

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Zlatko is a problem and the opposition is an even bigger problem

Last Friday a nightmare of every television editor or director happened. One of our cameraman was surrounded by protesters, pushed into a hopeless situation, and was physically attacked. Zlatko Čordić, who spoke publicly about how he respects the measures, first verbally attacked our cameraman without a mask, demanded identification (to which he has no right), and then snatched the camera from his hands. After the incidents, our cameraman was attacked by protesters who insulted the police by shouting “thieves”, despite it was Čordić who illegally confiscated someone’s property. Understand, who can.

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We are back where we did not have to be again

Given that an epidemic has been re-declared, I will try to summarize my view of what is happening around this invisible enemy. Measures and restrictions in the spring months were unpopular because they changed the daily course of life we had been accustomed to until when we had to give up many habits and vices.

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The art of balancing (and compromising) between security and freedom during a global health crisis

It was almost exactly three years ago when the police knocked on the door of the then journalist of RTV Slovenia Jure Brankovič and had an informative conversation with him. The visit followed his post on Twitter, on which he was asking whether anyone would organize a rally in front of the Spanish embassy in Ljubljana, and the police was suspicious of the possible unreported rally.

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