Freedom and Fear

Most of us at some time have fear, and it can be a good thing because we are more cautious when we cross a road or when in an area where there are dangerous wild animals. This sort of fear makes us take care. Also we have a certain fear in a free market system that we may lose our job and so we as the saying goes ‘save for a rainy day, and are more responsible employees. Freedom to act and speak goes with being naturally careful. It is a fear associated with natural uncertainty.

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Information Commissioner as a selective judge

The fact that the Information Commissioner decides whether the verdict in the Stephan case should be public is, to put it mildly, judicial crap. Selective judiciary is the cancer of our beloved country. Judgments thus selected are sent to regime journalists by order of the deep state before being received by the parties to the proceedings.

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What kind of dictatorship is this really?

In recent weeks, although I have been on holiday, I have been closely following developments in Slovenia. The former "political cyclists" got off their bikes, masked members of the terrorist organization Antifa came to light, and tasteless provocations and even insults to members of the Slovenian Armed Forces continued. And as a "dessert", the NPU action followed, which was announced between the lines by the infamous already former criminalist Drago Kos: Deputy Prime Minister Zdravko Počivalšek was detained, while Interior Minister Aleš Hojs resigned.

So there are no more doubts: Slovenia will indeed mark thirty years of statehood next year, but it is internally unfree and still involved in the continuity of the rule of the political underworld. With all this, it is interesting to listen to the shouts in the style of "Grab the thief!" - of those who fill their pockets themselves. Namely, they claim that we have a dictatorship in Slovenia, that we have been a fascist state since March 13th this year. I listen, read and I am amazed. What kind of dictatorship is this when police officers even take photos with political protesters? What kind of dictatorship is this if practically nothing serious happened to any of the protesters, except that the police "touched" the rowdy activist Jaša Jenull according to the usual procedure? What kind of dictatorship is this when a special police department, where the government recently replaced the director, investigates the minister and even detains him? And what kind of dictatorship is it that "the best of journalism" of the public institution RTV Slovenia is carrying out a stubborn rebellion against the government?

Needless to say, all this wave of protests was nowhere to be seen during the previous socialist governments. Probably because they felt comfortable and knew nothing could happen to them. When the former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec directly attacked media freedom and tried to deprive certain media of advertisers, all those who are now sounding off were applauding such ambitions. All right, let them applaud – but, for God's sake, let them not convince us that they themselves are non-party and independent.

We are better than protesters and let's stay that way

The media machine advertises Friday’s masquerades in the capital on a large scale and instead of just reporting on the events in a neutral way, they shamelessly encourage them. In any way, they want to show that this is an all-Slovenian spontaneous action by those who oppose the current government. In reality, however, it is a group of extreme left-wing activists who, due to sick personal hatred of certain people, demand at least their political downfall, which is far from a healthy opposition that you tackle by proposing, arguing, proving that you have better and more effective solutions and measures for progress.

Of course, those or descendants of those who were extremely privileged in some other system, want back to the lead times, because they do not tolerate the fact that power is not eternal and hereditary, but belongs to all of us or each time to someone else, the one who got the most trust in the election. The number of those mentioned, however, is limited, so I don’t think there’s much to fear that these matters will grow into something massive. Did anyone notice that among protestors are workers who work three shifts and earn 700 euros? Did anyone notice mothers of multiple children struggling through the month?

No, such people do not get the word and attention. All the lights are shining on some quasi-artists and culturists who don’t know the basics of good manners. Their "peaceful" protests are increasingly turning into anarchist campaigns, attacking police officers, desecrating state symbols and monuments, encouraged by the mayor of the most beautiful city and a group of his honorary citizens and other anti-Slovenian intellectuals who poison the young Slovene generation. If our future will be shaped by such primitives, then we cannot talk about the future at all, but about immediate collapse. They are fueled by the attention given to them, so let’s pretend it’s nothing, ignore them, don’t challenge them, this will hurt them the most. Let them live in their own little world, and let us strive to make our world bigger, better and more beautiful than theirs.

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What color is life actually?

On-duty fighters for a better world, sponsored by corporate capital, have been aggressively warning in recent weeks that “black lives matter”.

For this message, they are ready to plunder shops, demolish monuments, erase historical facts and, in the name of humanity, smash the skulls of anyone who doubts their fanatical announcement. Some tell them that white lives also matter, but there may soon be more that will find special added value in yellow, red, brown or pink lives. But how did we even come to the point where we suddenly sort the importance of lives by skin color? Isn't that racist? Last but not least, do lives have color at all? In Western civilization, we once proceeded from the great idea that all life originates from the spirit and that lives should therefore not be divided into white, black or colorful; that there are at most truth-loving and creative lives on the one hand, and mean and destructive lives on the other. In this good faith, we Europeans, who have not so rarely found ourselves in the role of slaves in history, were the first in the world to abolish slavery.

And in this good faith, men whose statues are being torn down today by those who will not reach their evolutionary stages for a long time founded the United States nearly 250 years ago. Belief in the good of the individual and the belief that everyone is born free according to God's will have been high esteemed values ​​in Indo-European peoples since time immemorial and have given rise to unprecedented civilizations – but today we are beginning to suspect that they may have belonged only to ourselves, and that the other cultures with which we share the planet have never fully internalized them. The ancient anti-European and anti-Christian hatred, which today hides under the trendy brand Black Lives Matter™, it will not calm down easily. It will not bypass us. But when we face it sooner or later, let’s not forget who we are. We are the heirs of a civilization that brought freedom and the rule of reason to the world. We know that all lives matter. And that’s why we don’t kneel in front of anyone.

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The confused "patriotism" of the Slovenian Bolsheviks

The Bolsheviks in my dear homeland have been really losing their mind lately.

This year, for various reasons, mainly due to the pandemic, the regular cycle of May madness was canceled and this hit the leftists on the psyche. Some kind of menopause. They are trying to replace the torn hormones, not to mention nerves, by regular cycling around the parliament, but that somehow doesn’t work. Friday’s circulation only adds to their sadness and nervousness. In this restlessness - desperate times call for desperate measures - even the celebration of the creation of the state would come in handy to them, even though it is not their intimate option. But they would bear it if they could show off their beloved bloody star a little, which would somehow bring them some much-needed relief. And then the government hits with something so in Janša style and bans the parade of blood star bearers on National Day. In addition, the government holds a patriotic celebration in which the Slovenian nation and homeland and the war of independence are celebrated. Woe. So what was left for the Bolsheviks to do but organize a spontaneous alternative celebration to show how to handle partisan patriotism and culture.

And so an endless crowd of some three thousand protesters gathered on Prešernov trg. Vigorous patriotism underlined singing in Italian, but the undisputed visual star of the evening and an expression of high culture was the performance of a folk artist who showed off his bare ass and hanging withered anthers on Prešernov trg, which somehow qualifies him for the next award for extraordinary cultural achievements, so to speak, alongside the artist who feeds dogs with her own milk. To be fair, the Bolsheviks did not betray expectations. Their display of cultural patriotism was especially endearing, when they angrily cursed and whistled at members of the Slovenian Army's honorary company and even labeled them traitors for attending the celebration. I mean, where does this lead if the honorary company performs at the celebration of National Day ...

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The court farce in the Novič case continues

On June 22, a new, third trial in the Novič case begun, which will be presided over by Judge Sinja Božičnik after the (self) exclusion of Judge Ana Testen - the judge who convicted Dr. Michel (Massoud) Stephan and arranged that he is not charged with premeditated murder, but only with killing, despite evidence of payment for the murder.

Let us remember. Judge Zvjezdan Radonjić is, in a retrial, in which dr. Milko Novič was acquitted of the murder of dr. Janko Jamnik, already said in the ruling, that “not only is there no evidence that dr. Novič is guilty, but it is completely proven that he is not the perpetrator.” Judge Radonjić also made it very clear, that Jamnik's murder could be connected to inciting the murder of another leader at the Institute of Chemistry, Dr. Janez Plavec and even named a trio, who had greater motivation for Jamnik's murder. In the verdict, he explained that the big motive for Jamnik's murder could have Michel Stephan, who was tried in the same court for inciting the murder of Dr. Plavec.” There is practically no possibility, that the cases would not be connected, that it would not point to the same perpetrators and at the same background,” Judge Radonjić wrote, among other things.

It is also interesting to note, that the editorial board of Demokracija has been persistently trying to obtain the entire written verdict in the Stephan case since November last year, when it was written, but only a four-page verdict was sent to us recently, all blackened, even though it was a public trial. Thus, we are left only with a complaint, which is now being decided by the Information Commissioner.

We wonder, if for the “elimination” of Dr. Plavec, the reason for that was, that Stephan saw him as a key person at the Institute of Chemistry that prevented him from working with the institute. As is known, Plavec was the one who informed Jamnik in the past, about the suspicions of illegal activities of Stephan's Phosphoenix, in connection with the Institute of Chemistry and Jamnik also continued to drill into the matter, even after Stephan left the institute. After Jamnik's murder, the matter sank into oblivion for a while, when Stephan intended to revive cooperation with the institute, but he was far from being successful.

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Extreme leftists are destroying Western civilization

In year 1992, the American political scientist and economist Francis Fukuyama wrote the book The End of History and the Last Man and four years later the American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington wrote the book The Clash of Civilizations and the Transformation of the World Order.

If the first one believed, that after the fall of communism we are witnessing the end of history and the global dominance of liberal democracy, as a universal form of government and latter pointed out also that the world is not about establishing a single world order, but about changing the world on a civilizational basis. The main actors, according to Huntington, are different civilizations (Western, Orthodox, Latin American, African, Islamic, Chinese, Hindu, Buddhist and Japanese) and culturally specific entities, with their own history. And as the events of recent years show, Western civilization, based on Judeo-Christian roots, has been hit the hardest. An important warnings to the West were undoubtedly the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2011, and the many other attacks by Al Qaeda and Islamic State, that we have witnessed over the past two decades.

Well, lately, however, the West has increasingly undermined cultural Marxism, which has spread, as metastases, to all pores of Western societies. In an interview for the magazine “Demokracija”, the well-known Slovenian world traveller Borut Korun also points out this dangerous ideology. As a result, the United States and many Western European cities are witnessing attacks on symbols of Western civilization, represented by monuments to famous people, who significantly co-shaped Western civilization. In London, a multicultural left-wing mob, even desecrated a monument to Winston Churchill, a symbol of the fight against fascism and Nazism during World War II. His monument was desecrated by people, who call themselves anti-fascists, but by their actions, as Churchill announced during his lifetime, they are in fact fascists. Unfortunately, we also see similar extremists in Ljubljana, every Friday evening.

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Five proposals for authoritarian rulers

We hear more and more often that authoritarian rulers are supposedly threatening around the Slovenia. This is really awful. However, it is also true that I have not personally met anyone and I have a slight doubt, that we Slovenes are so lucky that anything like this could ever settle in our land - but never say never and maybe the people from Kranjska will have time in this regard.

Everything that is right! Stop running the circus!

Friday’s cycling masquerades are just grotesque. Who among the citizens, who earn their living by serious work, even has time to engage in these masquerades? I am glad that there is still some common sense left in our countryside, which says, these are the ones there in Ljubljana, fortunately far away from us, to do what they want, just to leave us alone.

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Stolen protests

These days it's impossible not to speak of protests. Protests here, protests there, protests are everywhere. Some people protest, others riot. We'll focus on the latter. When protests started last year in Hong Kong against the law that would allow extradition of the criminals back to the mainland, citizens of Hong Kong went mad. We could see appalled citizens who protested and appealed to their special status of a state within the state. "Autonomy!" we could hear the calls. "One state, two systems!" they chanted, as if their desperate calls would prevent China from turning Hong Kong back into an actual part of China and not just its appendix. And then the protests were stolen from Hong Kong. Overnight boards about democracy and freedom of speech sprung up, and the need for breaking, destroying and persecuting everything and anyone who was suspected of being loyal first to China instead of Hong Kong.

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We will be able to be at the pre-epidemic level next year

The spread of the new coronavirus and the adoption of measures to contain it, in both Slovenia and the European Union, are expected to have a strong impact on the decline in economic activity. As a result, the number of registered unemployed increased markedly, especially in early April and then things began to calm down.

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Pétrijevka for Aleksander Č.

It was Wednesday, February 19 2020, when all the inhabitants of Bergamo took their way to the streets. Most went to Milan, where their football club Atalanta competed in the Champions League against Spanish club Valencia, while others occupied bars in this city in Lombardy until the last corner, in anticipation of the TV transfer. Euphoria everywhere, there was an indescribable crowd. Almost no one has heard of social distancing, perhaps maybe only those who followed what was happening in Wuhan, China.

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Does a new wave of COVID-19 virus await us in the autumn?

At every turn, I notice how people are no longer afraid of the virus that kept us at home from mid-March to mid-April. The tension has eased, and although hand disinfection and wearing masks is still valid, I see that many customers run into the store without disinfecting their hands at the entrance and have the mask fitted so, that it would be better not to have it at all.

Media attack on the government with the help of public RTVS

The government, led by Janez Janša, has been in power for just over two months and we have been witnessing a literal media attack on it for a month now. Despite its incredibly successful response to the epidemic and the enormous efforts, it has made to draft the first, second and now third anti-corona laws, to help all sections of society and various sectors of the economy, this government is still under constant attack.The government, led by Janez Janša, has been in power for just over two months and we have been witnessing a literal media attack on it for a month now.

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The IranNLBgate affair without an epilogue?

Last week, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar spoke with his Danish counterpart Jeppe Kofod. According to the official statement, in a video conference, they expressed satisfaction with the excellent relations between the two countries, both EU member states and NATO allies. “They called for further strengthening of comprehensive cooperation and especially highlighted the opportunities in the field of economy with an emphasis on so called green economy. They confirmed the mutual interest in closer cooperation, also in the context of Slovenia's presidency of the EU Council in the second half of next year.” I hope that they also discussed money laundering.Last week, Minister of Foreign Affairs Anže Logar spoke with his Danish counterpart Jeppe Kofod. According to the official statement, in a video conference, they expressed satisfaction with the excellent relations between the two countries, both EU member states and NATO allies. “They called for further strengthening of comprehensive cooperation and especially highlighted the opportunities in the field of economy with an emphasis on so called green economy. They confirmed the mutual interest in closer cooperation, also in the context of Slovenia's presidency of the EU Council in the second half of next year.” I hope that they also discussed money laundering.

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The post-viral EU: Getting back to our roots*

The health crisis caused by China that has engulfed the entire world has finally revealed all the misery of so much-praised European solidarity. At the time when the population is facing a deadly virus and people are dying, Brussels bureaucrats are playing ideological and political games. Instead of helping and taking measures, they adopt resolutions and unilaterally, without any evidence, accuse individual countries of alleged authoritarianism. Of course, this is far from the truth, this is just more proof that the European Union is in a political crisis and that it does not want to be a community where people are free to trade and travel with each other. In fact, it is particularly important to Brussels that as a transnational entity, it also controls the political, social and cultural life of sovereign countries. Therefore, EU countries are realizing that it is best when they help themselves without a mediator and this may radically change the post-viral old continent

Europe has already experienced several crises in its history that have changed it. The apocalyptic virus will only accelerate this process. In recent years, when we experience a forced identity crisis, I often remember the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Then also, the indigenous people were decimated by disease, but there were two main reasons for the decline of the empire, as described in the book For God and Profit by Samuel Gregg, director at Acton research institute. The first was in the debauchery that came from cultural and moral decadence. The self-sufficiency and numbness of the intellectual mind led the once mighty empire to the path of destruction. The second reason was that retarded leaders neglected the military and the defending of external borders. In such circumstances, it was not difficult for hordes of barbarians to conquer the territory, especially when traitorous political demagogues were willing to compromise in order to prolong their malign hedonism.

It is easy to find historical parallels with modern Europe, it is not necessary to be exactly Stephen Hawking to recognize the identical pattern of behavior of the Roman tribunes and the Brussels bureaucracy. They both destroy European civilization from the inside, it is just that today this is cultural Marxism. Through militant feminist associations, LGBT activists, anti-militarist prophets, ecoterrorists, corrupt and spineless holders of legislative and executive power, deniers of life and witch doctors of the ideology of death, they seek to destroy European culture and build a global society without nations and national cultures. This deconstructionism of the fake elite corrodes the skeleton of Europe and seeks to weaken Europeans. Individual countries are also a target. Hungary and Poland are two of those who are a thorn in the site of globalist aspirations to control the world. The same is true for Slovenia, which, after the appointment of a center-right government led by Janez Jansa, found itself in disgrace of various international organizations led and directed by George Soros, an embodied planetary evil. This chase was slowed (but not stopped) by the pandemic. However, it is precisely the countries that are targeted that have been most successful in managing the health disaster, and their governments are strengthening their public support and reputation.

The crisis is therefore an opportunity for Europe, which was most affected by the pandemic, to return to its roots. There was no solidarity, the EU lost its credibility, people are realizing that Brussels has left them in the lurch and that they can only rely on their leaders and their country. When it is a matter of life, they are not interested in the intrigue of transnational officials. And more. It discourages them from commanding their country from the outside and preaching to them what is right and wrong. The fact, that countries turned inward, put the needs and health of their citizens first and closed the borders was a completely normal move because of the EU's nonchalant attitude to the crisis. And bearing in mind that large differences between rich and poor member states emerged during EU economic rescue package negotiations, and that there is no consensus on whether to stimulate inflation or to allow deflation (due to weak demand and excess supply, deflation would normally follow), the rift is only deepening.

Maybe this is why now is the time to start writing the new history of Europe, where the most magnificent civilization in human history has grown. A return to tradition, our own culture, Christianity and patriotism seems inevitable, and this further annoys left-wing riders of the apocalypse, who are slowly and surely sweeping of their feet. Although the fight will be long, the crack in the wall of useful idiots from the Brussels floors is big enough to stop the multiculturalist and anti-national devastation march.

The EU's political crisis has been completely revealed by the coronavirus. It became clear that the future of EU is not threatened by nation-states, Christianity and tradition, and that it is precisely sovereignty that will help to sustain individual cultures and economies. Italy has made it clear that it no longer wants to be a member of the EU as it is now. Italians are even considering Italexit. It is similar with the French, who until recently were the biggest proponents of a united Europe, but now their finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, is calling on compatriots to buy home-made products. Germany did not want to give anyone the necessary medical equipment, she wanted to keep everything for herself. No one criticized their selfishness. And that's ok. If the new geopolitical image of Europe grows on the foundations of sovereign nations that live in peaceful coexistence and trade with one another, it will be ok. The EU can survive only this way. Therefore, we can only hope that post-viral Europe will finally wash away an arrogant Brussels bureaucracy that wants to implement the dark Kalergi plan.

Joze Biscak is editor-in-chief of the Slovenian conservative weekly magazine Demokracija and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists

*The article was published in the Hungarian conservative weekly magazine Mandiner.

(Photo: PrintScreen/Mandiner)

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