Sharon Osbourne admits husband Ozzy and son Jack went hunting for Loch Ness monster

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Printscreen) (Photo by Printscreen)

Sharon Osbourne has revealed her husband Ozzy and their son Jack went hunting for the Loch Ness monster in 1996 during a family trip

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne went hunting for the Loch Ness Monster during a trip to the Scottish Highlands.

Wife Sharon reveals the rocker took son Jack hunting for Nessie in the middle of the night during a family trip in 1996.

Sharon says: “Jack and Ozzy would go out to the loch at night and they had their torches, going ankle-deep into the loch, looking for the monster.”Jack says: “We never found Nessie.”

The Osbournes are starring in new TV series The Osbournes Want To Believe, where they investigate UFOs, poltergeists and other paranormal activity.


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