Demi Moore's rapist was LA club landlord who attacked her at 15 before paying her mum £400

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Instagram) (Photo by Instagram)

Demi, 56, has identified her attacker as Basil Doumas, who died in 1997 and would have been 48 when he raped her.

The man who raped Demi Moore before paying her mum £400 has been revealed as an LA club landlord, it's claimed. 

Last month the Ghost star, 56, said she was attacked at the age of just 15 when the man, who had a key, got into the house before paying off her late mother Virginia King. 

She has now identified him as family friend Val Dumas, who was actually Basil Doumas that ran the popular La Cage Aux Folles club.

Doumas met Demi's mum in the late 1970s and would have been 48 when he raped her. He died in in 1997 aged 68.




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