Mum jokingly creates face mask with wine flap and it's branded 'best invention ever'

  • Written by  A.P.,source:Mirror
(Photo by TikTok) (Photo by TikTok)

Emily Rumbold said she wanted to give people a bit of light relief by sharing her joke creation of a face mask made from a baby wipe packet with a flap providing easy access to wine.

As of today, face masks are now mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England as part of government measures against coronavirus.

There are some exemptions to the rule but for everyone else it means you'll have to remember to grab a mask when you head out shopping.

But one mum who got creative to jokingly fashion a face mask of her own has seen it hailed the 'best invention ever' - by incorporating a handy flap giving easy access to wine.

At this point please note that, although a wine flap would be a fantastic addition, it was done simply to give people a laugh and should not be copied for genuine use. Sorry.




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