Gran keeps McDonald's burger 'in closet for 24 years' - and it 'hasn't rotted'

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Adrian Dorobantu from Pexels) (Photo by Adrian Dorobantu from Pexels)

A TikTok user's video shows her grandmother unwrapping a McDonald's hamburger and fries that is said to have been kept in a shoebox since 1996 - the year Diana and Charles divorced, and the Spice Girls made their debut

A grandmother has unboxed a McDonald's burger and fries that she claims to have kept in her closet for 24 years - and they're still intact.

A TikTok user named Aly Sherb recently shared a video of his gran showing off the meal that she says she has kept in a shoebox at her home in the US since 1996.

The caption for the clip, viewed more than three million times, reads: "What happens when you leave a McDonalds hamburger in a bag for over 20 years?"

The food doesn't look fresh, but it doesn't look like it was cooked in the same year that saw Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorce, the Spice Girls release their debut song Wannabe, and Alan Shearer become the most expensive footballer in the world.



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