Farmer baffled after sheep gave birth to mutant 'cyclops' lamb with one eye

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by Viralpress) (Photo by Viralpress)

Pipih was left stunned after a lamb was born with just one eye on his farm in Indonesia, but it died two days after being born because it was struggling to eat properly

A farmer was baffled after his sheep gave birth to a mutant one-eyed black lamb. 

Pipih, 65, said the mother and its other babies were normal except for this one born with Cyclopia at the rural property in West Java, Indonesia on June 22. 

The lamb had difficulty breathing and eating because of its deformed face so Pipih sought help from neighbours, but some believed that it might be unlucky.

Pipih said: "I didn't expect it to birth a lamb with one eye. I take care of my sheep and none of them have any diseases.''




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