Bored mum gives baby daughter makeover - and people can't stop laughing

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Mirror
(Photo by TikTok) (Photo by TikTok)

 Mum-of-one Morgan, gave her daughter a bizarre makeover and shared the hilarious results to her TikTok channel to 'brighten other people's days'

A mum bored in lockdown was left in stiches after giving her daughter an obscure looking makeover.

While many other people are entertaining themselves with baking, tricky dance routines and DIY haircuts, Morgan, 28 from Oregon, US was experimenting with make-up - but not on herself. 

After giving in to lockdown boredom the mum-of-one drew crazy looking eyebrows on Leighton Mae Rose - and found the whole thing hilarious.

And after she shared the hilarious results to her TikTok channel so did everyone else. 



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