Man finds Banksy art on garage wall but secret artist's email disappoints him

Allan Levy, 57, from Northampton, discovered a stenciled piece of art on his garage wall of Art Attack star Neil Buchanan - but he's yet to find out if Banksy himself painted it

A man who found a Banksy-style mural of Art Attack star Neil Buchanan on his garage wall was left disappointed when he discovered the truth.

Allan Levy, 57, woke one morning to discover the image of Neil's face plastered across his wall on Brick Kiln Lane in Northampton.

The stencil-style piece of graffiti art comes after a bizarre rumour that Neil, the 58-year-old former children's TV presenter was secretive artist Banksy.

The picture shows Neil holding a paint spray can and unmasking himself as the world-renowned street artist, and includes the Banksy logo.



Angry neighbour sends nasty letter claiming woman's garage has 'devalued' the area

A woman was stunned to receive a cruel letter from someone who lives in her local area accusing her of 'devaluing' homes after painting her garage door

A homeowner who attempted to cheer up her property by painting her garage door was shocked to receive a cruel letter about it from a stranger.

Someone who lives in the local area sent a typed message accusing her of "devaluing" the other homes on her street.

The woman had painted an outdoor scene on the garage, with a night sky and constellations.

And while she's very happy with the final result, someone in the area was not, hence the cruel letter.



CIA shares tricky observational test for aspiring spies - see if you can pass

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) challenged Twitter users to spot the difference between two photographs as a test of their observational skills - with some even surpassing the target

The CIA has laid down a challenge to test if people have the sharp eye and attention to detail needed to make it as an investigator.

Only the sharpest minds make it through the selection process for the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States, which is tasked with gathering and analysing security information from around the world.

Its official Twitter account shared two photos of the same scene, challenging users to spot 10 small differences between the images - but some discovered it to be a trick question.

The tweet read: "Put your observation skills to the test. Can you spot the 10 differences in the photo below? Check back tomorrow to see if you found them all."



Woman labelled 'genius' for sharing 'revolutionary' way she eats duck pancakes

A woman has been praised after sharing her rather unusual method for eating crispy duck pancakes with her Chinese takeaway

When it comes to a Chinese takeaway, we want all of it - the sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls, prawn crackers, special fried rice, chow mein noodles - the whole works.

If we can get some crispy duck pancakes as well, we'll definitely be adding that to the order, because there's a hilarious trick we have to try.

A woman named Sabrina Corrin has gone viral on TikTok after sharing the unusual way she likes to eat duck pancakes.

In a video showing off her Chinese takeaway order, Sabrina explained that she'd got a quarter duck but she doesn't eat it "in the same way everybody else does while they're at home".



Strange alien-like sea creatures discovered by scientists during Antarctica expedition

The alien-like creatures are uncovered in a documentary The Secrets of Antarctica which has been shared on YouTube to document their journey.

These bizarre never-seen-before sea creatures were discovered below the ice in Antarctica by baffled researchers.

The alien-like organisms are uncovered in a documentary The Secrets of Antarctica which has been shared on YouTube to document their journey.

The on-going mission has seen an international team using state-of-the-art technology to scan the seabed, reports the Daily Star.

Dr Dave Bowden recounts his astonishment over the weird life forms with strange characteristics.



Woman’s gym shorts raise eyebrows as unfortunate design makes her look completely 'naked'

The woman could be seen wearing a pair of the popular ruched gym shorts from Australian fitness brand Etch in a stunning new colour - but they're definitely not for the faint hearted

A gym-goer turned heads on Instagram after posting a mirror selfie wearing a pair of Lycra gym shorts that made her look "naked".

The woman was wearing a pair of the ' Force Scrunch Shorts ' from Australian active wear brand Etch, which are priced at £29.

The skintight shorts have a tight waistband and a ruched detail on the top of the backside, which according to the website give the wearer a “stylish silhouette”.

There are 15 different colours to choose from like navy blue, khaki and pink as well as a selection of neutral shades.



Teenager rushed to hospital after snake bites his penis while was on toilet

University student Siraphop Masukarat ran out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles as blood began to spurt. The python was later found coiled around the toilet bowl

A teenager has been rushed to the hospital after a snake bit his penis as he sat on the toilet.

Siraphop Masukarat went to the loo on Tuesday evening when he felt a sudden searing pain in his manhood.

The university student looked down and saw the python with its jaws clamped around the tip of his penis.

It quickly let go as blood spurted around the toilet bowl.

Siraphop, 18, yelled in terror as he ran out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles in Nonthaburi, in central Thailand, around 20km north of Bangkok.



Woman who loved Halloween hailed as 'freakin legend' for having 'best obituary ever'

A woman named Holly Blair has gone viral online after her amusing obituary was shared which jokes that she 'exploded into glitter and bats'

A woman named Holly Blair passed away on August 17, leaving behind a husband, three children, four spoiled cats, two stinky dogs, three bad birds, a turtle and an utterly useless frog named Fred.

This is according to her obituary, which was recently published in the Idaho Mountain Express.

The obituary was later shared online and has since gone viral, due to it's quirky Halloween theme and amusing tone.

Holly's obit jokes that she was a "wicked witch" and that when she died, she "exploded into glitter and bats".



House hunters left in stitches by listing with badly Photoshopped pictures

Photos of a flat listing have left people baffled after furniture was badly edited into the photos, including a sofa with too many legs and an over-sized plan pot

A flat listing has gone viral on Twitter after one user spotted the truly bizarre photos used in the advert.

When house hunters are looking online for a new place to call home, furniture can act as a good reference point in determining the true size of the space from the photos.

So when faced with an empty flat, it appears those responsible for one listing decided the best thing to do was to cleverly edit in some furniture to give it the lived-in look.

Unfortunately the idea was a lot better than the execution, with writer @Caitiedelaney posting the photos on social media with the caption: "Losing my f***ing mind at these apartment listing photos."



Spooked mum convinced her house is haunted after photographing 'ghost' in kitchen

Naomi Hudson Reed, 38, hears doors slamming, footsteps on the floor above and screeching over the baby monitor at her house in Clyst St Mary, Devon

A spooked mum was convinced her house was haunted when she captured a photo of a 'ghost' in her kitchen.

Naomi Hudson Reed, 38, always felt there was a supernatural presence her five-bedroom house in Clyst St Mary, Devon.

The former interior designer was terrified when she heard the sound of doors slamming, footsteps on the floor above and screeching over the baby monitor when her sons were asleep.

But she got the shock of her life when she took a photograph in her kitchen and saw a man's face featuring a receding hairline, large nose and narrow eyes.



Woman gets her own back on 'cheating' boyfriend but some say she's taken it too far

Destiny took to TikTok to document how she used glitter and hairspray to get revenge on her boyfriend who she says cheated on her - but the prank was labelled "toxic" by some users

A woman who claims her boyfriend cheated on her revealed how she got her own back - but some people think she took it too far. 

Destiny said she gave her long-distance boyfriend a "second chance" after he cheated on her the first time, but he's messed up again.

To make the task of returning her ex's belongings a little easier, she decided to get revenge.

On-screen writing on the video read: "This is what happens when you cheat twice on a girl who loves glitter."



Chef slams BBQ mistake many of us are guilty of when it comes to cooking meat

Lennox Hastie, chef at Sydney restaurant Firedoor, is an expert when it comes to cooking on an open flame - and says many of us make a critical mistake when it comes to BBQs

We all like to consider ourselves masters when it comes to being in charge of the BBQ.

It's a huge honour to be handed the tongs that mean the success of a sunny afternoon in the garden now rests entirely on you.

But despite our confidence and bravado, it turns out many of us have been making a critical mistake when it comes to cooking meat in the great outdoors.

Lennox Hastie is the chef at Sydney restaurant Firedoor, where there are no ovens or stoves and every dish is grilled, smoked, baked or warmed by fire - so he knows a thing or two about cooking on an open flame.



People refusing to wear face masks are 'likely to be sociopaths' says study

A study conducted by researchers in Brazil found that people who flout coronavirus measures exhibit higher levels of callousness, deceitfulness and risk-taking, which is likened to traits of sociopaths

People who refuse to wear face masks or choose to ignore social distancing measures amid the coronavirus pandemic are considered more likely to be a sociopath according to recent research.

According to healthline : "A sociopath is a term used to describe someone who has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). People with ASPD can’t understand others’ feelings.

"They’ll often break rules or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause."

These are traits that Professor Fabiano Koich Miguel and colleagues at Universidade Estadual de Londrina believed to be connected to those flouting face mask rules.



Gran keeps McDonald's burger 'in closet for 24 years' - and it 'hasn't rotted'

A TikTok user's video shows her grandmother unwrapping a McDonald's hamburger and fries that is said to have been kept in a shoebox since 1996 - the year Diana and Charles divorced, and the Spice Girls made their debut

A grandmother has unboxed a McDonald's burger and fries that she claims to have kept in her closet for 24 years - and they're still intact.

A TikTok user named Aly Sherb recently shared a video of his gran showing off the meal that she says she has kept in a shoebox at her home in the US since 1996.

The caption for the clip, viewed more than three million times, reads: "What happens when you leave a McDonalds hamburger in a bag for over 20 years?"

The food doesn't look fresh, but it doesn't look like it was cooked in the same year that saw Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorce, the Spice Girls release their debut song Wannabe, and Alan Shearer become the most expensive footballer in the world.



Woman told to 'burn the house down' after discovering cause of broken toilet

Sofie Pearson realised the flush on her toilet wasn't working properly and found the problem when she looked in the cistern - leaving others to say they would leave the house and never return

Finding a couple of spiders in our home is enough for most of us to want to burn the whole thing to the ground.

If a daddy long-legs sends you running then you can always take comfort in the fact that in Australia their unwanted house guests are on a whole other level. 


Sofie Pearson, who lives on a farm in Queensland, shared a Facebook post showing her terrifying find after noticing her toilet had become difficult to flush.

"I went to the toilet and then I went to flush it and I really had to push down on the button to get it to work, so I was a bit confused," she told 7News.



Man with 'abnormally' long thumb confirms it's real and it's freaking people out

Jacob Pina has taken TikTok by storm with his insanely long thumb. The 21-year-old simply dislocates it to extend its length to five and a half inches which doctors have confirmed is real.

We all have quirky talents or features that make us stand-out from one another, but one man's "abnormal" trait has received more attention than most.

Typically, 21-year-old Jacob Pina's thumb measures two inches in length, but it can extend to a whopping five and a half inches.

Jacob first discovered that his thumb was unique when he was a teenager.

And despite how "abnormal" it is, doctors confirmed that it wasn't linked to any underlying medical conditions.



Woman captures moment random cat performs pull-ups to 'break into her home'

The woman took to TikTok when a random cat, who seemed desperate to get inside, successfully managed to climb in through her tiny window and land on her living room floor

A woman captured the hilarious moment a random cat tried to break into her home.

The mum from Wales, was casually eating toast in her living room when she spotted a ginger cat - which didn't belong to her.

Out of nowhere the acrobatic cat managed to catapult itself up to the opening of her window, leaving her stunned.

After successfully managing to grab onto the plastic with its two front paws, it attempted to haul itself up over the barrier.



Wedding planner left in stitches after couple's cake request goes horribly wrong

A wedding planner has shared the major wedding cake fail one couple faced on their big day, after ordering the sweet treat from a supermarket - instead of a professional

When it comes to cakes, we've seen some disastrous baking fails as of late.

There was the gender reveal cake which accidentally showcased the gender on the top of the cake and a celebratory bake that was compared to 'burnt cow flesh'.

Now there's another one doing the rounds, which is bound to make you giggle.

The cake in question was intended for a wedding and a photo of it was shared online by a wedding planner who, after spotting the mistake, urged people to save the baking for the professionals.



Couple transform 50-year-old rusty caravan they bought for £50 on a budget

The pair purchased the caravan for only £50, but it was in a bit of a state, so they're understandably extremely proud of the incredible budget transformation

A couple who purchased a run-down caravan for a bargain has transformed it into a vintage-lover's dream.

When the pair found the 52-year-old camper advertised for just £50 they knew they had to buy it. 


To stay in keeping with the incredibly low sale price, the entire renovation was completed by reusing or purchasing second-hand items.

The woman took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK to share incredible before and after pictures of the van.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "We finally finished our vintage caravan she is 52 yrs old.



Woman shares secret to 'perfect' roast potatoes with crispy skin and it's so simple

An amateur chef has shared a video showing 'how to make the perfect roast potatoes' and you only need five simple ingredients

It's not easy to perfect crispy roast potatoes - but we may have found the easiest and most delicious-looking method yet.

Previous viral videos have advised home cooks to follow a variety of strange methods, using ingredients from Marmite to honey and mustard. 


But now TikTok user who shares clips of her enviable roast dinners and cooking tips, uploaded a tutorial on how to recreate incredible roast spuds with a crunchy coating and fluffy filling.

And the best news is you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen cupboards at home, reports the Daily Star.



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