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nedelja, 13 junija, 2021

Among the nearly 20 people who crossed the state border illegally there were also migrants from Togo, Ghana, and Chad!

By Sara Kovač (Nova24tv)

On saturday morning, at the entrance of the country, police officers at the Gruškovje MP checked a truck with Turkish license plates, where it seemed at first glance that the tarpaulin of the cargo part of the vehicle had been cut. According to the Maribor Police Administration, the suspicion that there were migrants in the vehicle was confirmed by a detailed inspection of the cargo part of the vehicle under a tarpaulin, where two migrants with Pakistani citizenship were found. The police carried out the official procedure with the migrants, after which both were returned to the Croatian security authorities.

In the afternoon, police officers from the Gorišnica Police Station stopped a passenger transport vehicle inside the country, in which there were seven Polish citizens who crossed the state border in a place where it is not allowed, as they did not have the appropriate documents to cross the border. All were fined by police officers. After the procedure was completed, the foreigners continued their journey in the country, as they met the conditions for entry into the country in terms of measures to prevent an epidemic of the new coronavirus.

Shortly afterwards, police officers from the same police station stopped a car, also with Polish license plates, in which four Polish citizens were driving, who, as previously mentioned, crossed the state border in a place for which they do not have the appropriate documents. Fines were also imposed on these Poles, and then they were able to continue their journey inland.

Around 21:00, police officers from the Gorišnica Police Station stopped a driver of a car with Bosnian license plates in the Paradiž settlement. A husband and wife, both citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who otherwise have the regulated status of foreigners in Slovenia, were driving in it. Upon completion of the procedure, they were issued a payment order under the Aliens Act because they came from an area included in the red list of countries. As they did not provide proof of testing for coronavirus, they were also issued a quarantine decision, which they must undergo at their place of residence.

Migrants from Togo, Ghana, and Chad were traced down

A little after one o’clock in the morning, police officers from the Ormož Police Station, near the Presika border crossing, caught three migrants crossing the state border illegally. In the proceedings with them and in the presence of an interpreter, it was established that they were nationals of Togo, Ghana, and Chad. All three illegal migrants were detained on the basis of the State Border Control Act. After the procedure is completed, they will be returned to the Croatian security authorities, to whom an announcement has already been sent for the return of all three migrants arrested directly at the state border.


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