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Slovenia: The falsity of celebrating Collaboration Day

By: mag. Branko Grims

The old wisdom of Gorenjska region says that if one screams at another: “Fascists!”, and the other shouts back: “Socialists!”, in the valleys between the mountains it only echoes: “Same, same, same…!”

April 27th – Collaboration Day

To paraphrase Vaclav Havel, a Lie is an immortal soul of leftists. In Slovenia, a wonderful confirmation of this idea is the falsehood of celebrating the disputed date, which has been dragging on for seventy years – April 27th. According to historical facts, April 27th is exclusively the Day of the Collaboration of Slovene Socialists with Fascism and National Socialism. On the night of April 27th, 1941, the Liberation Front was definitely not established in Ljubljana, as the leftists have repeatedly lied, but in fact the Anti-Imperialist Front was formed to fight England, France, and America – thus the Socialist Front for collaboration with the Fascists and National Socialists in the fight against the democratic world! In Ljubljana, the Slovene leftists faithfully followed the order of their idol Stalin, who firmly believed in the permanent collaboration of the International Socialists with the National Socialists and Fascists, as they all came from the same Marxist ideological foundations and followed one another in crimes.

World War II began so destructively and violently precisely because of the firm collaboration of the International Socialists, the National Socialists, and the Fascists. Poland fell in just a few weeks because it was invaded by the Nazis from the one side and the Soviet Red Army from the other a few days later. The collaboration of the International Socialists, Fascists, and National Socialists officially lasted two years – from the summer of 1939, when the pact between the National Socialists (and fascists) and the International Socialists “Ribbentrop – Molotov” was signed until the summer of 1941. So one third of the Second World War!!

In fact, the collaboration between Fascists, National and International Socialists began much, much earlier. The Nazi concentration camps were thus immensely criminal because the German National Socialists had been learning for years to commit mass crimes against the International Socialists in the Gulag concentration camps in the then Soviet Union (Russia). The acquired criminal knowledge was passed on to the fascists by the Nazis. Gestapo members also studied at the Dzerzhinsky Academy in Moscow with the Secret Political Police (Checa/KGB) of the International Socialists. Together with the Nazis, socialists/communists from the former Yugoslavia, of course also from Slovenia, with Tito at the helm were also educated… An old Slovenian proverb says that “Birds of a feather flock together …!”

Racist Karl Marx is the father of the idea of National and International Socialism

The long-standing collaboration between fascists, communists and Nazis arose because of the same foundations. The totalitarianism crimes of 20th and 21st century have a common ideological father: his name is Karl Marx. When leftists in T-shirts with the image of Karl Marx shout against racism and the Holocaust or genocide and point the finger at others, it is either a giant lie or complete ignorance (most likely both together… leftists…). The first person in history to demand racist genocide – the Holocaust – was Karl Marx! Of course, children in Slovenian schools do not learn this. But they should. Namely, Karl Marx was the first to demand racist genocide – the extermination of “less worthy Slavic” (!) nations, which, together with some others, must be “exterminated in the Holocaust!”.

A ruthless fact is that in racism and the Holocaust, Hitler more consistently followed the instructions of racist Karl Marx than Stalin, and his left wing successors today, who constantly swear by (psychopathic…) racist Karl Marx…! In fact, National and International Socialism are just two faces of one and the same evil. A crime is a crime, and it makes no difference whether it is committed in the name of class struggle or race; but the socialist ideologue racist Karl Marx demanded both: mass crimes in the name of class struggle and mass crimes in the name of race.

During the rise to power and in the first years after the victory of National Socialism in Germany, Adolf Hitler, together with his closest associates, repeatedly emphasised the Marxist foundations of National Socialism. After the attack on the Soviet Union, of course, this was no more, and for propaganda he portrayed himself as a defender against communism. Stalin did the same. Would you believe that the first booklets of the Red Army were printed with a swastika in the background and that there are rubbles from the period before the Second World War with swastikas…?

In the name of Marxism and Socialism, Stalin instructed the Communists in European countries, including Slovenia and Croatia, to help establish National Socialist – Nazi and Fascist associations and organisations and to cooperate with them as much as possible. In the demolition of democracy and universal human values… The attack of the National Socialists on the International Socialists was such a shock to Stalin that he allegedly ordered to shot the first bearers of these warnings, because he was so convinced of the strength of the Marxist criminal ideology based collaboration of National and International Socialists and Fascists. He later began to use the term “fascist” for propaganda purposes for all opponents of International Socialism. The trick that leftists all over the world (especially in Slovenia…) took from Stalin and is still widely used today. The “National Socialist” would tell too much truth because of the word socialist… And leftists put up with everything except for the truth. The truth that, in its deepest essence, National Socialism (Nazism and Fascism attached to it) and International Socialism are in fact one and the same – just two faces of one and the same totalitarian evil.

It is sad to observe young people carrying totalitarian symbols in the sublime ignorance of left wing school and left-media brainwashing. Only if you know that both International Socialism and National Socialism are based on Karl Marx, do you fully understand that those young people who jump around with a red star could quite rightly carry a swastika with them; because both totalitarianisms are based on the same criminal ideas. A great proof of this is the members of the Levica party, who applauded enthusiastically in parliament when I provocatively read Adolf Hitler’s May Day address to them, and euphorically affirmed the statement – “that they stand behind every word!”, fully convinced that it is their own… socialism is just socialism!! Watch the clip on YouTube!

The foolishness of the celebration under the symbol of the occupier

The falsity of celebrating the day of the collaboration of International and National Socialists and Fascists was, in fact, most revealed by the leftists themselves, with the symbols used in the celebrations of that day. Thus, the entire left wing government at the time went crazy in Janković’s Stožice under the red star, without a single Slovenian national flag at the national celebration. The last occupier in Slovenia wore exactly these symbols: we saw a red star on YPA planes throwing cluster bombs; and on a YPA tank that killed unfortunate Austrian journalists at Brnik airport.

When they celebrate the Day of Uprising Against Occupation under the symbols of the last occupier, the leftists are obviously making a fool out of their own country and citizens, and most of all of all those who paid the highest price for independent Slovenia: health and life. By doing so, the leftists are in fact acknowledging that they are only interested in the original content of this celebration, that is, the celebration of the anniversary of the collaboration of the Socialists with the National Socialists and the Fascists.

In order to really celebrate the Day of Uprising Against Occupation, leftists should also agree to the two real days that have this symbolism and content: May 13th, the day when members of the Tigr were first (!) to fight the occupier in World War II (that is why they were betrayed by the Socialists to the occupier); and June 26th, the day when the war for an independent Slovenia against the occupying Yugoslav People’s Army formally began. The shameful day of collaboration of leftists with Nazis and Fascists (when after Hitler’s attack on Stalin was the end of a long-term collaboration between Socialists, National Socialists and Fascists, leftists also turned in Slovenia, as the red wind blew from Moscow…) belongs to the dump totalitarianisms and their participation in crimes against humanity.

Collaboration of Antifa fascists and radical Muslims

The short-sightedness (corruption?) of all those who tolerate fascist smashing as soon as the thugs declare themselves as Antifa is beyond the bounds of madness. It is true that now everything is behind the fight against the pandemic. But corona is also leaving, whereas left wing violence and lies remain. Islamist extremists and leftists are cooperating more and more openly. The feminists’ global marches against Trump were led by a woman affiliated with extreme Islam organisations; and believe it or not – already convicted of terrorist acts…! Violent left wing fascists Antifa (and their anti-white racist derivative BLM) were demonstrating in the USA, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Naples… and premiered in Ljubljana last November. In many cities, Antifa attacked people and their property along with illegal migrants from radical Islam. There have been several examples of this collaboration in Ljubljana as well…! Leftists will always sell their own nation and the security of the people for power, only to destroy everything that is based on Christian values, Christian tradition, and the protection of human rights. Truly right-wingers are therefore increasingly censored, excluded, disgraced by the media, and persecuted. Today, the struggle for freedom of public speech is a struggle for an independent Slovenia, for prosperity and security, for the existence of civilisation.

Slovenia is not immune to the left-wing madness virus inoculated with Soroš’s money. The picture of Milan Kučan and Tanja Fajon for the masked Antifa with stakes in their hands on Kotnikova street in Ljubljana says it all… As you listen to the ridiculously exaggerated oath of anti-fascism under the red star these days, remember the legendary thought (the more leftists struggle with the endless teaching that “the real author of this thought is not Churchill,” the more obvious becomes how much this historical thought – no matter who the author is – tells the whole truth…!!) of Winston Churchill: “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists!”!

The more leftists struggle with the endless teaching that “the real author of this thought is not Churchill,” the more obvious becomes how much this historical thought tells the whole truth…!!

Branko Grims is a long-time member of the SDS party in the National Assembly, a geologist, and political scientist.


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