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Cathedral of St. Cecilia in Albi

By: Jože Biščak

Cecilia, a Roman martyr, is one of the most popular saints in the land of the Gallic roosters, and has been the patron of French musicians since the 16th century. Many churches are dedicated to her throughout Europe (in Slovenia in Celje), probably the most famous is the Cathedral of St. Cecilia in the town of Albi in the department of Tarn in the south of France. They began constructing the magnificent brick building (among the largest in the world) overlooking the Tarn River 750 years ago, but indigenous locals fear it will not celebrate its 800th anniversary.

A few days ago, (for now still majority) Catholics officially became second-rate. While the “curfew” (introduced between 19:00 and 6:00 due to COVID-19) prevented them from performing Eastern rituals in peace and tradition, the Tarn police instructed their officers to not punish and persecute Muslims who during the time of Ramadan (this year from April 13th to May 12th) violate movement restrictions in order to worship Islam. The double standards sparked some outrage, the media mainstream either ignored the measure or took it as proof of tolerance, NGOs that respond to any alleged Islamophobia were silent, only the CFCM (the French Council of the Muslim Faith) was satisfied; Islam is becoming (or has already become) a privileged religion in (on declarative level of secular) France. This was not the only blow to the indigenous French these days. The management of Danone apologised to the Muslims for posting an ad for their flagship product on the first day of Ramadan – Evian, a world-famous mineral water. “Have you already drunk your litter today,” was the question, which was based on the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. Suspiciously racist, is it not? Without a doubt, this was a step higher in stupidity and cowardice, delusions of intolerance became like a black hole: everything that approaches it falls into it, in the end the wormhole will not only devour France (as the “core” EU country), but the whole Europe.

France is important because we can see a rapid replacement of the indigenous population in real time (Le Grand Remplacement), and the forced destruction of traditional European values. What is happening to the heirs of Joan of Arc and Charles Martel will (more or less) also happen elsewhere in a few years. France was the first Western European country to officially open itself to the Arab world and Islamic culture. It was the first where Muslims (especially in the south) violently occupied the streets during prayer; it was the first where the Arabs began a “culture” of burning cars; it is the leading country with the burning of Catholic churches; it has the most mosques on the Old Continent; according to unofficial data, the number of Muslims has already exceeded 10 percent of the population. It is therefore no coincidence that the first officially recorded stoning on European soil took place in Marseille in October 2004. At the time, a 23-year-old Ghofrane Haddaoui died under a hail of stones as part of a violent Islamic religion.

Such scenes can be seen today in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, that is, in the core EU countries which are to the taste of Tanja Fajon, Marjan Šarec, and other progressives. The uprising of some countries, such as Poland, Hungary and also Slovenia, which do not want imported violence and barbaric cultures on their streets, is marked as a departure from democracy, as an encroaching of freedom. This is also why the governments of these countries are instigated by many scandals and fictional stories; all with the intention of tearing them down and enthroning Plasticine dolls that would be susceptible to progressive and multiculturalist kneading. In this light, it is necessary to understand the infamous and fabricated “non-paper” (about the alleged change of borders in Bosnia and Herzegovina), with which, for the domestic political needs of both countries, domestic and foreign left wing activists, politicians and journalists wanted to frame Janez Janša, as if to say that he is starting a new war on European soil.

Apparently the wormholes have not turned yet because left wing corruption and malice have not yet reached the bottom.


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