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The rape of Europe on the “ottoman”

By: Gregor Preac

For five and a half years now, a mass invasion of Islam from Africa and Asia into the EU has been taking place, mostly through Turkey. Probably around 2.5 million people have already come to Europe, 80 percent of them through fraud, most of them with human smugglers, who have earned at least 10 billion euros. Where did the money go? Into drug trafficking, weapons, and into prostitution, into the spread of Islam, into terrorism, in short into crime! Maybe part of this money is also in one of about 20 prayer rooms in Slovenia and in the Ljubljana’s mosque?!

Prosecutors and judges are assisting in this underworld by forgiving human smugglers. I would not be surprised if the migrant and Islamic underworld exerts violent pressure on them and their families or bribes them. Although, supposedly as many as a quarter of the prisoners in Slovenian prisons are now people smugglers.

Asylum seekers from Italy to Germany are also increasingly involved in smuggling and drugs; Slovenia is no exception. When foreigners who break the law in Thailand are automatically sentenced to several years or life imprisonment, the courts in Slovenia reward them with lenient sentences and early releases, which usually do not include expulsions from Slovenia and the EU.

In short, the (non-)functioning of the prosecution, the judiciary, the support of RTV SLO, POP TV, Delo, Večer, Dnevnik, Mladina, KUL parties, the support of dubious NGOs and Islamic organisations (in)indirectly help the spread of illegal migration and a parallel drug trafficking or the maintenance of the Pahor-Cerar-Erjavec’s Balkan smuggling corridor.

The fact that there are slightly fewer illegal migrations can only be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the spring, the smuggling of people and drugs is visibly increasing again: at the end of the day, at least 50,000 migrants who want to go to Germany or France are stuck in the Balkans. There are 7,000 of them in BiH, half as many as two years ago, but they did not turn into garden gnomes, but crossed Slovenia!

Brussels, Ursula von der Leyen, the great members of the EU, are now dealing with a pandemic, with the distribution of vaccines, with the taming of young people in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, so that they do not go completely wild. The above-mentioned Slovenian media do not report how the Belgian police recently violently dispersed thousands of young people at an illegal concert with water cannons, tear gas and sticks, nor about the constant fights between police and mostly young anti-corona protesters in France and Germany.

Well, von der Leyen visited Erdogan. According to her, Turkey is a valuable ally of the EU, and according to Borut Pahor, it is also a valuable ally to Slovenia. And this is the increasingly fundamentalist Erdogan’s Turkey!? With 120,000 political prisoners, persecution of journalists, Kurds, and now with a frontal attack on women’s rights!? Despite blackmailing the EU with migrants, with violating Greek territorial waters, and undermining Germany, France, the EU through Turkish immigrants, other Muslims and mosques!? A valuable ally in the drug trade?!

Otherwise, many Albanian (Kosovo) companies are just a cover for drug trafficking, weapons and people, or for the spread of Islam, fundamentalism. In Slovenia, husbands receive 150 euros a month from the financial resources of the Gulf states for the complete concealment of their wives, and 150 euros a month for wearing a long Muslim beard.

Statistics (as well as the Black Chronicle) have long shown that with more Islam there are more ghettos, more crime, more corruption, more terrorism, more drugs, more chaos! The matter cannot be solved neither with the plan for the 10,000-head Frontex by 2027 nor the fact that the EU will pay a “kharaj” to Turkey again for the next five years to detain migrants – 1.2 billion euros a year!

Australia’s and Orbán’s zero-tolerance approach to illegal migration and Islam is the only approach that stops migration fraud, the march of the smuggling underworld and Islam! Migration will not break the EU, but Islam will! With Turkey approaching the EU, this will be even sooner! But the ideologically blind Brussels is not even sobered by the fact that during a visit to Sultan Erdogan, men sat in armchairs, and von der Leyen was put aside by Erdogan on an ottoman (couch), where, according to him, women belong. Von der Leyen was reminiscent of a concubine or a doll in a Topkapi harem arranged to the last detail!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and world traveler.


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