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The smart ones must not give up, because then fools and fanatics rule

By: Davorin Kopše

The Easter holidays are behind us. This is the greatest Christian holiday when Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. After the crucifixion on Good Friday, suffering and death, Jesus rises from the dead on the third day. This is the end of grief and suffering and life is filled with new hope.

Unfortunately, I have to connect the festive introduction, which fills us with hope after a difficult ordeal, with the reality that is happening all around us in different areas. Since at least last Easter, last year, we have been primarily dealing with the epidemic and looking for ways to adapt to emergency measures. In doing so, we must give up, be patient and look to the future more than usual, believing that everything in this world is temporary except the intangible – the spirit. Even the epidemic will soon be over and we will be able to focus on normal life and regular problems again.

A never-ending story of idiots

This is not where the story ends, but unfortunately it is just the beginning. Instead of trying to overcome the time and conditions that are bad for everyone as soon as possible, a few groups are doing their best to make our lives as bitter and prolong the agony. As if this has not last long enough and is affecting our moods, feelings, and tolerance.

We are currently witnessing the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic, which is getting worse every day. At the suggestion of the expert group, the government adopted a decision to tighten measures from April 1st to 11th. Experience shows us that every wave of the epidemic is stronger both in our country and in the world, and in the last wave we are also encountering a new English strain that is causing a faster spread.

Despite the fact that the majority is in power, in a democracy the irresponsible and even malicious minority has all the conditions to make our lives miserable. Do you know why? Because an idiot who constantly breathes down your neck, is always pulling at your sleeve, stabbing you in the ribs, spitting in your face, and laughing in your face, cannot be punched in the face. All actions are allowed, regardless of the consequences and what the majority thinks, as well as the general interest, but those who dare to react are condemned. That one is tied to a pillar of shame and everyone is allowed to stone him, even though they were the first to sin.

Granite blocks are being prepared in Ljubljana

On Friday, we again witnessed the appearance of a creature in front of the National Assembly, this time a cube (illustrating a granite block intended for the government). This was a presentation of the Solce-Fidler couple, where some street theatre performers Brane Solce and Sanja Fidler perform, and closely behind them stands the well-known son of the Supreme Prosecutor Hinko Jenull, Jaša Jenull. I understand, they are doing what they know best, only the timing and purpose are tragic, which more and more transparently expresses their madness (see the title). The granite cube, which is a symbol of street violence and frantic crowds, was this time named a “monument to the departing government” with the subtitle “enjoy while you can”, and below “the street is waiting for you”. I understand this as an open threat with granite blocks, but as I said, it is allowed, and I, who do not approve of it, am probably a fascist, an unadapted conservative who does not understand progressiveness, etc.

Outdoor psychiatry in Maribor

Several hundreds of those who consider themselves the people went to Maribor on Sunday. You know, those poor people who have gone crazy often imagine and have a fixed idea that they are something they are not. When I had to visit the closed ward of the Polje psychiatric hospital in the previous profession to perform my duties in the police, I experienced a performance by a patient. He imagined himself to be an insect and buzzed around the hall. Every time he approached me, he raised the volume of his buzzing and “flew” right next to my face. It was scary, but it is also a valuable experience of how someone posing for something that he is not looks like.

Well, this so-called people shouted “masks down” as they were walking crammed around the city. Let me remark that none of them wore a mask, nevertheless they shouted masks down. I know they called on those who were not there because they did not agree with them, yet still. Patients are urging people to give up their health care and the protective measures that protect their health. Well, is this for psychiatry or not? Of course it is, but in modern times we are forced to live with them in the same space. Figuratively, I ask myself: Did only the psychiatric profession give up on them or all of us? Day after day, they buzz past our heads and make us feel more and more uncomfortable. They have crossed their borders a long time ago, they are terrorizing us to the point of helplessness, and now most of us are more or less silently observing it happen. This majority does nothing because it is normal by general standards. The question is how long can you stay normal being in the same room as a fool. As said at the beginning, everything is fleeting. Also tolerance, which has been empirically proven many times in history. By the way, Sunday was not enough for them, they repeated their masquerade on Monday. The police write fines for them, but it seems that these social supporters never run out of money.

I firmly believe that we will nevertheless be relieved and get rid of both the virus and the eternal extremely dissatisfied performances on the streets and squares of Slovenian cities. Well, at least to the tolerable extent of both, although it seems to me that we will get rid of the virus easier than corona-idiots, who will sooner or later find new areas where they will try their best to promote themselves as they are – idiots. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine against this nuisance and it will not be for a long time, if ever. Unfortunately, many of them are just tools that are best described by Stalin as useful idiots. Behind are strong interests of the privileged who are changing the world. Doubt in this grows more and more, and I almost got rid of it myself.

We have to strike back

Let me conclude with a sentence, which is another quote, but concerns the new American religion “wokeism” (this was written by the portal Nova24TV.si, where you read this article), which threatens the whole world: “We must strike back! This is the next revolution we need!”, said British political commentator and former political adviser Steve Hilton, who is working on this new religion. In all areas where social experiments are carried out by encroaching on the human soul, we must strike back. We will, you will see that we will. Sooner or later. The problem is that the consequences will be worse with each day we postpone to tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is a sacrifice required by the preparations.

All human suffering and grief will probably never end, and we have a duty to stop and suppress extremes. The events serve us the facts that these are the most dangerous on the left. They are organised and historically connected into a single unacceptable ideology. They are ready to sacrifice everything that is sacred to people for their own purposes; family, religion, and community, which are the foundation of all foundations.

Davorin Kopše is a veteran of the war for Slovenia, a candidate for the European Parliament and an active citizen.


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