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Centre of Milan flooded by migrants

By: V4 Agency

Alcoholism, violence committed by illegal migrants, homelessness and even sex scenes have become an everyday occurence in Italy’s Milan, according to Lega party MEP Silvia Sardone, who also shared a video on social media to demonstrate the dire situation pervading the city.

The devastation which not so long ago was limited to the outskirts of Milan, has now spread to the city center, according to Silvia Sardone, an MEP delegated by the right-wing Lega party.

“Take a walk on the side streets around the Cathedral to get a good look at poverty. You can’t help but notice the multitude of sleeping bags and blankets,” the politician writes.

“Scenes of decay and social tensions have been multiplying for some time. They are not only characteristic of the Central Station in Milan, which has been taken over by swindlers and drug dealers. Even the central areas are in a difficult situation because of the ever-growing number of homeless people. I had the opportunity to see the situation on Piazza Vetra where there are numerous tents and sleeping bags next to the Basilica of San Lorenzo”, Silvia Sardone writes, adding that the area was known as a centres of Milan’s nightlife before the pandemic and the halting of tourism. Now it is an open-air bedroom and a toilet for homeless people, he adds.

“Similar scenes can be seen on the shopping street Corso Vittorio Emanuele, near the Cathedral and at Garibaldi station”, the MEP continues. The coronavirus has pushed many Italians into a difficult situation and many ended up on the street, but we should find a solution to homelessness while we do not let our city to fall into decay. People with an immigrant background are particularly adversely affected by the economic crisis, as most of them had sustained themselves on odd jobs, but Mayor Sala and the municipality of Milan are unwilling to address this issue. The mass influx of illegal migrants has done immense damage to the city. The unrestrained ‘welcoming’ policy has led many of them to camp out in our squares. With no prospects for the future, they tend to join crime gangs in increasing numbers, or commit violent acts against decent citizens,” Silvia Sardone said.

The MEP also posted a video on Twitter about conditions in the city.

“The following scenes filmed in the city centre depict the situation in Milan, where people can witness violence, alcoholism, agression by illegal migrants, homelessness, and even sex scenes in broad daylight, in the city centre. You can’t go down this road anymore!” the Lega party representative wrote under his Twitter video.

Italian celebrity Andrea Zelletta also shared his recent experiences around Milan Central Station on Instagram. Zelletta was the victim of two robbery attempts at the train station last week. He described how he was nearly pick-pocketed in broad daylight, and how a drunkard tried to attack him late at night on another occasion.

The most striking is perhaps the former incident, which fortunately failed. “A week ago, at nine in the morning, as I got into my car, three men approached me, tried to open the car door and steal the bag I had just placed on the dashboard. Luckily, I was able to quickly lock the doors and start the engine, causing the attackers to run away,” Andrea Zeletta said.

He mentioned that the second attack occurred late at night, when he took his bulldog out for a walk. After a few hundred meters, a drunk man approached him, “I saw a staggering man approaching me in the distance. I ran and took refuge behind a gate. The man started hitting the gate window with such force that the glass almost broke. The area is not safe at all.”

According to the Lega MEP, Milan Mayor Beppe Sala and his policies bear a direct responsible for the emergent situation. “The Democratic Party addresses these emergencies with silence, censoring news of problems and pretending that they don’t exist. They still boast a non-existent model of hospitality and integration. This lenience is unacceptable!” Ms Sardone says.


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