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Presidents long opposed on many issues may decide to cooperate

By: V4 Agency

The two leaders have not spoken to each other for months, but now there is a good chance that they will work together against terrorism. They believe there is great potential for cooperation between the two countries.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his Turkish counterpart, have recently held a videoconference to exchange thoughts. The news of the meeting was announced by the Turkish president’s office on Twitter.

The meeting focused on relations between the two countries. President Erdogan said Turkey and France could join forces to step up against terrorism together and make a significant contribution to international stability. The Turkish president’s office wrote in a statement that France and Turkey, two strong NATO allies, could make a significant contribution to security, stability and peace in large geographical areas ranging from Europe to the Caucasus and from the Middle East to Africa. President Erdogan added that 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the Ankara Agreement, which formed the basis of bilateral relations between Turkey and France. He expressed his belief that the two countries have significant potential for cooperation. They can take joint action in the fight against terrorism as both countries and their peoples are exposed to growing threats.

The video call is highly significant in light of the fact that the two politicians haven’t spoken to each other since September and bilateral relations have been strained by several conflicts. The two countries had several serious confrontations followed by personal disputes, with President Erdogan going so far as to question Mr Macron’s mental health. In response, President Macron recalled the French ambassador from Ankara, a good indication of the brewing diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

The feud escalated and several Muslim states – including Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, and Kuwait – have issued statements to condemn the publication of the caricatures depicting Prophet Mohammad and subsequently calling for the boycott of French products. Anti-French protests erupted in several countries. In Tel Aviv, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the building of the French ambassy for a rally.

After the strained French-Turkish relations of recent months, President Erdogan decided to de-escalate tensions and stressed that the two countries’ friendship has overcome a number of obstacles since the beginning of the 16th century. He added that dialogue between leaders has always played a key role in maintaining good bilateral ties, according to Le Figaro, which covered the videoconference.


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