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četrtek, 4 marca, 2021

(Video) A large number of migrants are allegedly harassing people on Šmarna gora

By: P.T.

Šmarna gora. A pleasant hiking destination for the people of Ljubljana, which popularity remains even during the coronavirus, has turned into a litter of migrants?

As we could read on social networks, this Sunday Šmarna gora is also a pleasant gathering place for Ljubljana residents, but it seems like that it is the same for migrants as well, who do not know where to go these days.

According to the video, many migrants were among the walkers. As noted, they were allegedly disregarding the safety distance and harassing people. They even wanted to “tear off” the church bell.


Since this hiking point is also a pleasant gathering place for members of the SD party, it would be good if they put these migrants in order themselves. Politically, if not religiously, they are very close to them?

Source: eMaribor



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