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četrtek, 4 marca, 2021

Exhibits of failed performance

By: Jože Biščak

It was another in a series of hallucinations and proof that the only thing they know is how to create the unnecessary. Constructive no confidence vote was completely unnecessary; it was a result of an eternal obsession with Janez Janša. Hatred for him devoured their brains, life in the bubbles they created themselves fried their sense of reality. Because they are just one in a long line of bad copies, they have become cheap political gamblers.

Despite the general fever of obscenity and conceit nothing worked for them, even though left wing activists from the street and the entire media mainstream supplied them with more fuel than the aircraft pump puts into Boeing 747 engines. That is why it ended as it did: Marjan Šarec, Luka Mesec, Tanja Fajon, and Alenka Bratušek, with their “trump card” Karl Erjavec and a destructive parliamentary farce, became exhibits of a failed performance.

It is difficult to prove to the left wing opposition, which is not being denied the right to file no confidence votes and interpellations at will, that it is wrong. Infatuated with their own right, they do not acknowledge reality. This was that the KUL coalition never (but really never) came close to the magic number 46, which is the number of votes it needed to bring down the center-right government. This is also why they were making excuses in advance for being winners. Of whom and what exactly?

A year ago, Šarec’s government fell apart. The world has not seen as many mutual accusations as the coalition partners exchanged at the time. Arrows were shooting in all directions, far and wide, and even before they counted the dead and buried them, they had already overthrown the new government together. In normal democracies, they would just admit defeat, heal the wounds in the opposition, and prepare for the regular elections, which will be here faster than one could say ‘biscuit’. But no. They reject the new reality, in the manner of the worst of the villains, and by undermining the legitimacy of the measures they want the fight against the great health crisis to be the worst for Slovenia.

Now they are wise. And they annoy. And they incite. And they lie. Everyday. Minute by minute. They had a chance, but they cowardly withdrew their sweaty and greedy hands. I am pretty sure that Monday’s events were just a stage episode for them, as they will continue with their destructive actions (and probably even speed it up). I fear that even more unfortunate images and escalation of street violence by self-proclaimed civil society activists await us in the coming weeks and months. But now at least the political part of the left should calm down; they should sit down and rest at least a little so that the flies would start flying past them.

Dear left wing opposition leaders, your mouth is full of democracy and freedom all the time, you are constantly emphasising dialogue, we often hear from you that you want to talk. Do you really? The leader of the center-right government coalition invited you to talks and cooperation countless times, yet you rejected him with a policy of exclusion. Who would you like to talk to? It takes two to talk, it takes opposing parties to express their views freely. Ideologically you are on opposite banks, which is understandable and right; if it were not so, we would have one-mindedness. But I have a feeling that this is exactly what bothers you – different views from yours. Therefore, you label dissenters (those who have “wrong” ideas and views) with all possible expressions. Your demonization of anything that just smells like conservatism shamefully assumes that some are less human, that they have no right to be different, that they should never rise to power, even if they are election winners. That is why you bear the greatest part of the responsibility that signs calling for death are appearing on the streets and social networks, on the façades of churches, and in the homes of “false” MPs. You are guilty for the romping of “peaceful” protesters who are releasing the darkest human instincts and drives. Not to mention that you have the lion’s share of the credit for spreading the virus.

I am not a psychiatrist, and I do not imagine I am a behavioural scholar. However, dear left-wing opposition, I think that it is high time you stopped grounding. Continuation of your actions can take Slovenia to a very dark place. Then even a caterpillar 6090 FS will not be enough to remove the accumulated dirt you are leaving behind.

Jože Biščak, editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists. He is the author of three books: Stories from the Hayek Cafe, Notes from a Conservative Liberal and Journey with Orwell.


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