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‘Basic’ tattoos artists secretly hate doing – and the ones they’ll refuse to do

by A.P.

Choosing a tattoo artist that specialises in the design you want to get inked is vital before taking the plunge – but there are a few designs that come up again and again that artists hate

Getting a tattoo is a big decision – they are for life after all.Before you commit to it, it’s important to do your research – and we’re not just talking about what design you want.

As well as choosing your studio wisely, you should also do a little digging into the artist before you sit down to get permanently marked.Every artist has a different style and preference on what they like to ink so you want to make sure that you’re picking the right one for you.

Whilst some like black and white photorealist sketches, others might prefer to ink watercolour designs or mandalas.But there are a few designs that tattoo artists can’t stand – here’s the top six.



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