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Communist methods to be used against the right

By: V4 Agency

Prominent public figures in the US have become increasingly vocal in demanding action against the right, suggesting re-education, as well as the establishment of gulags and domestic spy agencies.

In the US, conservatives continue to face serious attacks at the hands of, among others, the left-wing media and Donald Trump still appears to be the focal point of the onslaught. On Monday, the House of Representatives submitted to the Senate the documentation for a constitutional impeachment case against the former president, which is to decide on his accountability. Never before in the history of America has a president who served his full term been placed under impeachment procedings.

Speaking on ABC News, political analyst Matthew Dowd went so far as to liken conditions in the first few days of Joe Biden’s presidency to those of post-World War II Germany.

“Other countries have gone through this before, Germany, Japan, South Africa, and before we get to reconciliation and healing, you have to have some element of truth and accountability-ness (sic),” he said.

Dowd continued by saying, ” … let’s have a discussion about (…) what did Donald Trump do, what is/should be his accountability, and what should be his punishment.”

On CNN, however, the word “deprogramming” has already been used in conjunction with those on the right, which is essentially a call to re-education.

CNN presenter Don Lemon mentioned to fellow presenter Chris Cuomo that the right doesn’t like it when they say, “people need to be deprogrammed”. Lemon subtly added that he was referring to QAnon and other conspiracy theory believers. The two also believe that “conservative media,” together with those sitting in the House of Representatives and in the Senate have empowered what they consider to be extremist groups, like the Proud Boys.

Re-educating the right is a recurring theme in the repertoire of the American left. Last year, the investigative journalism portal Project Veritas exposed Kyle Jurek, one of Barnie Sanders’s campaign organisers, using hidden camera footage.

Jurek explained that gulags would be needed in the US to re-educate Donald Trump supporters, and also expressed his view that Stalin’s labor camps were “much better than what the CIA had told the Americans.”

“People worked for pay in the gulags, where ‘marital visits’ were also allowed. The gulags were actually meant to be re-education camps,” Jurek said.

Not incidentally, between 1924 and 1953, 1.5-1.7 million people died in the gulags, according to historians.

However, the left bent on re-establishing the use of the communist gulags, but they have already instated use of the “informant tactic”, when citizens spy and report on each others to the authorities.

Helena Duke, 18, named and posted three of her family members after recognising them in a photo taken during the siege of the Capitol. She did so because her mother never allowed her to take part in any Black Lives Matter protest.

Helena Duke has decribed herself as a liberal lesbian.

Ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, author and best-selling crime novelist Don Winslow shared a video in which he basically asked people to become citizen detectives and spy on their fellow cizitens.

In the clip, a voiceover says that when Donald Trump stops being the commander-in-chief, he will build a “new army,” which they described as an army of “radical, far-right conservatives, and domestic terrorists.” The video warns that although these “terrorists” are hidden among us, disguised behind regular jobs, many of them have stormed and ransacked the Capitol with the intention of “killing Nancy Pelosi and hanging Vice President Mike Pence“.

The voiceover in the two-minute video claims that Trump allegedly failed to denounce those promoting white supremacy during the presidential debate, but they forgot to add that the former president had already done so earlier, nearly forty times.

As a possible solution, the clip suggests to establish an “army of citizen detectives,” who will become amateur intelligence analysts and feed information to law enforcement agencies. The voiceover tells citizens to rely on their computers and cell phones in their fight against extremism, and notes that even Osama bin Laden was located by “a CIA analyst working on a computer.”

Similar to the Stasi in East Germany and the KGB in the former Soviet Union, the idea to set up a “secret domestic spy agency” has also emerged in the US. The Daily Beast portal has devoted a lenghty article to the issue and pointed out that some “other countries already have their own domestic spy agencies to fight extremists at home.”

According to the mainstream narrative, by the way, the term “extremist” may be applied to anyone who rejects or does not believe in left-leaning liberal views.

CNN employee Oliver Darcy demanded in early January that cable operators remove the conservative television channel Newsmax from their packages. On the same programme, Alex Stamos expressed concern that there are some “extremly radical people” on YouTube who reach audiences larger than those of daytime CNN programming.

He also spoke of the need to figure out a solution what he called the “OANN and Newsmax problem.”

“These companies have free speech, but I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and others to bring them into tens of millions of households,” he said.


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