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“Korl’s stable” – wordplay in Slovene; it means – “Korl’s bummer”

By: dr. Vinko Gorenak

“Korl has a stable” mainly in the figurative sense of the word, i.e. bummer. But he is solely to blame for the current situation. But let’s start at the beginning. After being sent to the dustbin of history by members of his DeSUS party in early 2020, he bowed his head with a statement that he was withdrawing from public life. But to speak of the devil, these same members of the DeSUS party put him back at the helm of the party at the end of 2020.

But at this point, the first problem of “Korl” arises. He knows well that MPs are key to the functioning of the party. But he completely ignored this fact. In the time prior to his return to the helm of DeSUS, he assured MPs that he wanted only one thing, and that was the consolidation and restoration of the reputation of the DeSUS party. However, when he was elected head of DeSUS, 48 hours later he vehemently appeared in the DeSUS parliamentary group and said: “boys we are leaving the coalition”. This is assured to me by the DeSUS MPs. In the vernacular, “Korl screwed the DESUS MPs” – sorry for the term, but people understand it very well.

From here, “Korl” has been playing his solo game, the presidents of the KUL parties, which are supposed to support him, publicly humiliate themselves, have empty promises, and yet still publicly support “Korl” at the helm of KUL. Some are counting on preliminary elections, while others naively believe that they will extend their parliamentary term. “Korl” is unique. He knows that his political power is equal to zero, as he was not even elected as a Member of Parliament, but at the same time he longs for his political surplus, to be the Prime Minister, why not. But he knows something else, the fact that he is promised a relatively good pension in a short time and therefore has nothing to lose and goes for all or nothing, but at the same time he “does not care” as he once said.

Let’s take a closer look at his “supporters” with empty promises. Marjan Šarec says that he has come to terms with the fact that the KUL parties do not support him and that is why he is sending his LMŠ into the arms of the parliamentary political “loser Korl”. You can imagine how a former prime minister must humiliate himself. But he did. Of course, Tanja Fajon also plays her game. After a few months of her leadership of the SD, she apparently realises that she is only sinking the SD with her radicalism. Also, why would she supposedly become a foreign minister for around 3,400 euros net, if she has more than 12,000 euros a month guaranteed in Brussels for another three years. The Levica party with Luka Mesec is a chapter in itself. On the one hand, they support the KUL coalition, but on the other hand, we know that in practically the same coalition led by Marjan Šarec, it turned its back and sank it. Why would it be any different now? Alenka Bratušek’s SAB is also unique in terms of the dinosaur remnant of the former Jankovič PS, now in the form of a little kitten saying goodbye. She is afraid of the elections, but at the same time it would be better to be in power and with money for a year and a half until the elections rather than being in the opposition. I deliberately will not mention the DeSUS party, or rather its MPs, in this article. I have reasons for such a decision.

And in such circumstances, the hero “Korl” filed a vote of no confidence in the government and “sacrificed” himself for prime minister. It is not yet clear who wrote it, on the one hand he claims that he wrote it himself, and on the other hand the “forensics” recognise the fingerprints of a former SD expert. Who would know? “Korl” knows that 46 votes are needed for the no confidence vote to succeed, but he has 42. Nonetheless, that does not matter, “Korl” takes a risk, on the one hand he knows that he has a “bummer” but on the other hand he “does not care”.

Dr. Vinko Gorenak is State Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.


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