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Conservative voices to be silenced

By: V4 Agency

Parler, a conservative social media platform, became virtually inaccessible, allegedly because its users have engaged in inciting violence. Tech giants, however, appear to be eerily unperturbed by users sharing photos of Donald Trump’s severed head, covered in blood.

Google and Apple have suspended the conservative Parler app, a social networking site similar to Facebook and Twitter. so it cannot be downloaded from their stores. Meanwhile, Amazon has terminated its web hosting services, so the social media site is now completely offline.

Apple justified the move by writing that there was “no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity.” As a result, Apple has suspended Parler from its App Store for an indefinite time period, until these issues get resolved.

Amazon also stated that Parler users have incited violence, describing the platform as a “serious threat.”

However, Google and Apple continue to have Twitter on offer, even though this is a platform where sentiments can truly get out of control. In the last few days, for instance, the message “Hang Mike Pence,” Trump’s vice president, began trending on the platform.

A few years ago, comedian Kathy Griffin posted a photo of herself holding Donald Trump’s chopped off bloody head. She re-posted the photo last November, and then once again, just a few days ago.

Unlike President Trump, she was not banned or banished by Twitter.

Payment provider Stripe has also joined the “ban wagon” of mainstream social media platforms. Stripe, which used to process payments for the Trump campaign, has suspended Trump’s campaign account, making it impossible for anyone to financially support Trump and his team online.

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