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Tomislav Sunić: “There is a possibility that Biden will declare state of emergency and increase repression towards those who consider themselves right-wing.”

By A.S.

Croatian author and one of the main representatives of the European New Right, Dr. Tomislav Sunić, has commented on recent happenings in the USA for a Croatian news website Direktno.hr

During the confirmation of democrat Joe Biden for the new president of the United States, the Trump supporters managed to storm the building of the American Congress and hold it for four hours in an attempt to stop the confirmation. Four persons died during the protests, including a Trump supporter and an Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by the police.

After the police restored order, the confirmation of Biden went on, and Trump stated that although he still has his doubts about the legitimacy of the elections, and that the facts are on his side, the transition of power on the 20th of January will be peaceful. Adding that, even though his mandate is ending, the fight to make America great again is only beginning.

Tomislav Sunić, who himself lived studied, and worked in the USA, expressed his condolences to all the families of the persons who died at the beginning of his talk with Direktno, adding that Ashli Babbitt fought for the interests of others in Iraq, but when she wanted to fight for her own interests in America, she was shot.

He then continued about the happenings in the USA, by first stressing out something that his colleague from the New Right Alain de Benoist has also said many times. He said that we should make distinctions between Trump and “Trumpism”, as the second phenomenon is not only one person but a strong movement standing behind Trump. Sunić then assessed that the demonstration itself was a positive act, and said that a large part of Americans feels a certain uneasiness and repulsion towards the current power structure, or what is known as the “deep state”. As a former diplomat and a political scientist, he assessed that Trump’s actions were prudent, warning us that for day one of his presidency the media and the deep state have been leading a huge smear campaign against Trump and that the current events are only its culmination.

Regarding the deep state itself, Sunić described it as a system that has been dominating in the US for the last sixty years, which Trump managed to “stir up a little”. He said that this is only the beginning of big changes in the US, regardless of the events in the next few days. “Regardless of Trump, a great part of the American taxpayers is aware that the current system that worked against Trump just cannot go on”, he added, while also drawing parallels with the Soviet Union, saying that nobody would even dream before 1991 that that system could just fall apart, but nevertheless it happened practically overnight.

“When Biden comes to power, these problems won’t just disappear, but will intensify, things will radicalize, and after that, we can only guess about different possible scenarios, the possible secessions of certain states, maybe there will also be violence, but some things are still not quite clear, and we don’t know how it will turn out”, Sunić said, by adding that he is glad to see such a big number of Americans showing their civil consciousness, regardless of the happening in Congress.

After that he focused on the swarming of the building of the American Congress: “We must not forget that this was not an armed struggle or an armed invasion, as those that stormed the Congress were carrying American, and not foreign flags”. He, of course, also compared this event with the violent protests of BLM and Antifa groups that we witnessed last year: “No one burned American flags as the antifascists did in Seattle and Oregon. Our media remained silent about the burnings and the destruction that the antifascists were causing for a whole year, creating huge damages because they had certain support of Democrats who are very tolerant towards them”.

“We should not forget that half of America stands behind Trump and his principles”, Tomislav Sunić stressed out. “No matter what, we can be certain that this situation is in its nature sociological and structural. It has been going for years and it reflects big ethnic and ideological changes in the USA, and the situation will keep on boiling even if Biden and Kamala Harris will come to power. This year will be crucial.” He also warned that a state of emergency could be declared in the USA, which would lead to increased repression; “There is a possibility that Biden will declare a state of emergency and increase repression towards those who consider themselves right-wing.”

At the end of his talk, Sunić assessed that the situation is very delicate: “The USA is currently a polarized country, which can also be felt in its state institutions, especially in Pentagon, when it wouldn’t dispatch the army on Biden’s orders, but Trump later sent the National Guard”. He added that Biden cannot expect the homogenous support of the entire American people, and must be aware that that’s not possible because the USA is in many ways a decentralized country, similar to a federation. “Each state has great autonomy. East and West coasts are two different Americas, while middle America is very supportive towards Trump”, Tomislav Sunić concluded.


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