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sreda, 20 januarja, 2021

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on yesterday’s events in the U.S. Congress

By: gov.si

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs closely follows the developments in the United States. The shocking scenes of violence at U.S. Capitol in Washington DC were an inadmissible attack on the pillar of American democracy, its institutions and the rule of law.

Peaceful gathering is legitimate in democratic societies, but any violence or incitement to violence is unacceptable. We deeply regret the loss of human lives. Now dialogue needs to be sought, and words should be followed by action.

Our deepest sympathy goes to the friendly and allied American nation. The United States is a country with a strong and long democratic tradition. The U.S. Congress confirmed Joe Biden’s presidential victory despite the violent attack. We are confident that the transfer of power and endeavours to rise to the wider societal challenges will be undertaken in full respect of high democratic principles.

We look forward to working with the new U.S. administration and continuing strategic dialogue at all levels, which will strengthen mutual trust and benefit both countries. We will also continue to strive for the consolidation of transatlantic relations, which – due to the changing global developments – is now more important than ever before.


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