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petek, 14 maja, 2021

Privileged cultural workers vandalised the building of the Ministry of Culture again and deprived honest Slovenian taxpayers of damage of several thousand euros!

By: Domen Mezeg

“Already on the first day of new year, the vandals decided not to give peace to taxpayers. The building of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia was desecrated again. The pictures also show the consequences of the previous attack, when activists destroyed the façade of the building and caused thousands of euros in damage,” communicated the Ministry of Culture. As the ministry itself has hinted, recently, there have been several such uncultured “performances”.

Already on the first day of the new year, the Ministry of Culture experienced nothing but a cultural welcome from those who were supposed to be cultural. This time they had settled a score especially with Minister Vasko Simoniti. He was primitively wished “Simoniti, fuck you!” instead of “Happy New Year!” or “Blessed Christmas!” How much do these people really have in common with culture, one can ask oneself, while being aware that he/she will also contribute something from the common state purse to repair the damage. As they have also said at the ministry, the consequences of the previous attack, when the façade of the building was destroyed, can still be seen, and the damage was estimated at several thousand euros.

The last time vandals ransacked the façade, Prime Minister Janez Janša also responded to the event: “Do not be surprised. You pay for their “artistic” achievements at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia with taxpayer money. Who would not brawl a little, when he/she is paid for it. Or maybe someone believes that behind this vandalism there is a worker, a farmer, an entrepreneur, or a pensioner who has to pay for such achievements?” Otherwise, the damage was caused at night. However, apparently it did not end there. Recently, Mitja Iršič from the Public Relations Department at the ministry announced that a similar paint as the one from the ministry was used on the walls of the Minister Simoniti’s house. “The situation is serious. The year 2012 is being repeated, when wild gangs went to people’s homes,” he warned.

Only a day before, strangers hung the faces of ultra-leftist activist and singer Zlatko Zlatan Čordić in black and white, whose mouth were plastered with the names of government employees and officials. Meanwhile, Iršič, whose name was also misused for their vile action, wrote: “Dear anarchists! I do not mind if you threaten old cats, like Miro Petek, the Minister, and myself, as we are used to everything bad, from threats from Islamists to socials. But for God’s sake, leave the already poor officials, who are just doing their jobs, alone. What did they do to you?!”

Namely, the Ministry of Culture deleted Čordić from the register of self-employed in culture. As they explained at the competent ministry, this was a routine procedure. The musician had opened the association “Svet je lep” in addition to IC, which he had already have opened as a self-employed in culture. The “Svet je lep” association was used for avoiding yearly census, which culturists must not exceed if they want to be entitled to state contributions. As self-employed person, Čordić issued invoices only up to the amount of the income threshold, i.e. EUR 20,051.26 gross per year. He recorded all other earning through his association.


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