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Romana Tomc: Even in the European Parliament, Slovenian socialists are abusing the media for a political struggle

by P.T.

Below is a speech of Romana Tomc from the plenary session of the European Parliament on the oral question to the European Commission regarding Hungarian interference in the media in Slovenia and Northern Macedonia.

“We are talking about a question that is asked solely for the purpose of interference in the internal affairs and discreditation of the Slovenian government. It is absurd that the question is based on information from an obscure Slovenian web portal with suspicious and opaque ownership, known for attacks on the center-right government and journalists, who have already been indicted at the Journalists’ Court of Honour.

In Slovenia, we have serious problems with the media space, which has been completely unbalanced for 30 years. The monopolies that have formed in all areas, from the economy to the judiciary, and the media during this time are in the hands of the left-wing. This prevents the implementation of democratic processes in our country.  Particularly problematic is national RTV, which should be independent. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Dominant media in Slovenia represent 90% of the media space. Those owned by Slovenia are in the hands of the left-wing tycoon elite, which implements the political agenda through them. Their power is extraordinary. With a few clear exceptions, objective journalism in Slovenia is a myth.

They only report on stories that suit them, there is a lot of cover-up and biased reporting. That is why those few non-left and independent media are extremely important for Slovenia.

The European Commission has also noted a non-transparency in the media ownership.

Changes are needed. And these do not mean the destruction of independent media, quite the opposite. They are an attempt to make the media space better – more independent, transparent and balanced.

Unfortunately, this very case is an obvious proof of how, even in the European Parliament, Slovenian Socialists are abusing the media for a political battle.

I will be followed by two former Slovenian journalists who have extensive experiences with the unbalanced media space. They were part of it and I have no doubt that they will do their best to defend the monopolies in which they used to operate.”




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