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[Letters – from victory to victory] Seven deadly sins

By: Vinko Vasle

Sad days are behind us. It is worse than when the immortal Josip Broz Tito died. Now, we will have to rethink our strategies and tactics, especially because an international factor has intervened in our plans – Angela Merkel. What she did is called betrayal, in better times this would lead to a new world war. But now we will have to rely on our own forces, because we cannot afford a war – Marjan Šarec is good only in the hinterland. We cannot rely on ZZB either, because they rely on walkers, crutches and other weapons. You cannot go to war with people like that. Our coalition of the constitutional arc, however, must go to the front lines. Janez Janša must be stopped, or as Luka Mesec from the Party of Executions and Coups said last time – Janša will not the only one responsible simply because he is the current Prime Minister, everyone who supports him and also those who cannot decide will be held accountable as well. Either they are with us or they are against us.

This is, without a doubt, an announcement of a bloodshed with the right-wing and the home guards. It will follow the model of 1945: first we will liquidate those who collaborated with the invader, in this case, with Angela. Then it is the turn of those who applauded Merkel and made fun of us. It is also necessary to get rid of all those who only insidiously mocked us, and those who told unsavoury jokes in bars and finally – the hand of the left must also reach those who were silent and did not distance themselves from Merkel. However, since such a large-scale campaign requires preparations, and we do not have that much time, it will be necessary to go to Gregorčičeva ulica in some other way.

This can be achieved in several ways: to bribe and buy MPs from parties in the coalition until we get to the number 46, or to simply transfer these MPs, the seven we need, to our ranks, according to the method of Luka Mesec. There is also a third option, because even in our coalition we are wondering why there should be exactly 46 votes! I remember how, for example, after the war, Edvard Kardelj won the first free and democratic elections, gaining no votes because everyone hated him. Or how a local Velenje state security officer came to my mother because it was ten minutes before the polls closed, and she was at home in her pajamas, irresponsible to socialism, non-alignment and Josip Broz. And then all scared she went to the polls because it was important that the turnout was one hundred percent. Not to mention that the election commissions were made up of the state security officers themselves, or their informants. I mean, anything is possible if we put in a little effort.

Seven deadly sins for those resisting the KUL revolution

On the street, we can also lower the number 46 to 40, for example, and win. We are thinking strategically about all this, despite the severe damage and regardless of the fact that Prime Minister Jože P. Damijan has not yet delivered on his promises – he had not yet delivered the promised seven votes. Seven is a popular number, there were seven dwarfs, there are seven days of the week, seven is a magic number, seven is a lucky number, with seven correct numbers you win the Lottery, the cosmos is marked by the symbolism of the number seven. Man has seven openings on his head, there are seven hills in Rome, there are seven wonders in the world – among which we can also count our coalition. Basically, the missing number of MPs for us to take power is a symbolism that is in our favour. Finally – Zdravko Počivalšek and his people from the Desus party, and especially Matej Tonin and Nova Slovenija party, must know that there are seven deadly sins in the world and that if they continue to resist, they will be held accountable for each and every one. Here, not on the other side, because we are atheists.

In our revolution, we have staffed the best mothers and fathers, the best sons and daughters, and the best grandchildren we have. Subscribed intellectuals who write a letter every week stand out. Dušan Keber stands out, whom the Home Guard insults as the symbol of a medical cemetery, and Darko Štrajn, who signs everything because he is old enough not to understand anything, but we also need such people. Yes, and Niko Toš, Spomenka Hribar is our pride and joy. The woman who convienced the entire parliament to vote for her early richly gifted retirement must be capable. In addition, it has a direct line to Milan Kučan.

Anyhow, either we win with intellectuals, or with weapons.

Vinko Vasle is a longtime journalist and editor and former director of Radio Slovenia.


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