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torek, 13 aprila, 2021

Letters – from victory to victory (125): Electoral practicum for proud successors

What can the proud successors of Huda jama and communists learn from the electoral system of the American Democrats? First of all, that anything is possible. This is done in such a way that our candidate wins, which connects us nicely to the American Democrats, who – like our Fajon supporters and other communists – know that if they are not in power, someone else is and in that case, something has to be done to reverse it.


For us, the proud successors of Kočevski Rog and communists, it is unbearable for someone else to have power, because it makes us nervous and hysterical, and do not be surprised if we try to come back to power a bit violently. Obviously, it was not enough that we – as the home guards say – nominated Frankenstein Damijan who is now mocked so much that even rocks feel sorry for him. He really is not top-notch quality, well, it is really no quality at all, he just volunteered on its own, and since all the proud successors of Teharij and communists in the opposition cannot figure out which of us deserves the prestigious ruling title, we just took what was offered. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

The priority of the proud successors of foibas and communists are not fair elections, because we had never before come to power this way and it would be naive. In 1945, we beat potential voters, later we intimidated and imprisoned them, and we did so, even when it seemed that luck turned around on us, and we “f***ked” Janez Janša, which was the task of the Supreme Judge and chief Branko Masleša. Here, the American Democrats could learn something from us, as Donald Trump could be imprisoned instead of hysterical counting the ballots. It is true, however, that the current situation in the US shows us that it is not quite necessary to imprison or kill an opponent because we leftists have various other methods at disposal that ensure our victory. Namely, Americans liquidate their presidents when they are already in power, not before. We, the proud successors of 700 killing fields and communists, imported this, and now “kill, kill Janša” is being screamed on streets, which means that the assassins will not necessarily be Slovenes. After all, we imported criminals, drug dealers and other members of the proud successors of communists last Thursday. Some will say that this is morally depraved, but let us not forget that Slobodan Milošević released the worst murderers and criminals from Serbian prisons, who were then part of the Yugoslav People’s Army. We just did not forget that because it was effective.

American Democrats have even more exclusive ways to electorally defeat an opponent. In fact, their ways are reminiscent of the left-wing Führer Luka Mesec – to transform. And electoral committees in America transformed thousands of votes for Trump to Joe Biden after four in the morning. Moreover, when they noticed things were not going according to their plan, they send trucks to get the new ballots, which they had previously made at Democratic headquarters. This is a little different than in our country, where the election result depends on the concentration and composure of the director of the National Electoral Commission, Dušan Vuček –  a proud successor of the LDS and communists. We still have a rule saying that it matters who counts and not who votes whom. But in the US they add new ballots to this rule, throw away ballots favouring Trump, and do not even care if they get caught. This is called democratically transparent fraud, which we can consider a good thing.

We do not have this transparency yet. Namely, it is not clear according to which electoral system Matjaž Nemec, Violeta Tomić, Lidija Divjak Mirnik, Jerca Korče, Robert Pavšič, Miha Kordiš, Nataša Sukić become members of Parliament, if I name only the biggest parliamentary pearls. A capable voter does not give his/her vote to such people, regardless of the fact that they are excellent staff reminiscent of communists from the 1970s and that Milan Kučan can be very proud.

How do such people come to power? This secret is still not resolved. That is why the home guards and right-wingers have been barking for some time that Vuček needs to be replaced, which ought to be prevented with our own bodies if necessary. All proud successors of the Communists are like Vuček.


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