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People who were idiots even before they became useful

The war against the Chinese virus continues, Slovenia (and the whole Europe) is at the center of a deadly dance. Efforts by the center-right government to contain and mitigate the epidemic with gradual and as mild as possible measures usually fall on deaf ears in the left-wing opposition and the media mainstream. Literally every move is presented as something bad, as a step towards the allegedly sick desire of the Prime Minister for full power. This is especially true for decisions not directly related to COVID-19. As if they did not know that the state must continue to function despite the health crisis, life goes on. The spread of the disease will soon be over, but at this moment it is necessary to stand together, throwing logs under your feet is completely unnecessary, on Gregorčičeva nothing like that is accepted to require street resistance.

Perhaps this is precisely the reason why the left-wing opposition wants to create a political emergency. Apparently, they would rather let a hundred more people die than help the government and acknowledge its successful control of the Wuhan virus. The incitement of fears of Janša revealed a deep, we can say a horrible gap between reality and the media projection of reality. And in this whirlwind of selfish opposition, a left-wing quartet emerges with the idea that it is necessary to clean up with the government. We would say that the idea is surreal, if it were not for a truly revolutionary coalition of the media mainstream and the deep state – candidates supported by the mafia are presented as saviors. And in the middle of that Jože Pavlič Damijan (JPD). As a savior.

A man who followed the path of economic classical liberalism until he realised that enthusiasm for socialist ideas was much more lucrative, the media began to present him as a “candidate for prime minister”, as a “potential prime minister” starting talks with left-wing political figures, parties with which he will form a government. This is not funny, this is tragic: in the case of the JPD, the media mainstream behaves as if it is the time right after the elections or as if the center-right government has resigned. But nothing like that happened, JPD is nothing from now on. Not even a useful idiot (who got excited about the mandate without well understanding why he even found himself under the spotlight). As it turns out now, JPD was an idiot even before he became useful.

This also applies to some specimens from Kolodvorska, Kopitarjeva, and Dunajska streets; more could be found. All in the desire to convince readers, listeners and viewers in their (otherwise wrong) judgments, saying that judging in advance before anything happens or is realised is a sign of our lucidity. One dead is a tragedy, a hundred deaths due to the virus is already a statistic, it is the latest agenda in promoting non-compliance with (much-needed) government measures to combat the spread of the virus. The more of this, the faster we will get rid of the prime minister, they report. But unfortunately for them the government, regardless of the wide range of hostilities, is one step ahead of them, at the same time more and more people are realising that they love their lives (and Slovenia’s homeland) more than leftists can hate Janša with the support of the media mainstream. And this is a sign of hope that the lights in Slovenia have not yet gone out.

A difficult year is coming to an end. The vulgarity of the dominant media, finally revealed by the health crisis of global proportions, is becoming increasingly manic, and they no longer even hide their colaboration with the quasi-Marxist globalist ideology. The question is whether they are aware that they are not attacking the weakest target as they imagine, and that they will not be able to navigate their suicidal ideas indefinitely. In front of them there are many defense worlds where there is no surrender of true values. And the more times they hit along these cliffs, the faster they will sink. Let’s help them with that.

Joze Biščak is editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists


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