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Slovenian leftists, rightists and violence

I often ask myself, what is the difference between leftists and rightists, and their supporters? Let me state some verifiable facts in this regard.

If I do not count the first Slovene democratically elected government (make no mistake, I am referring to the government of Lojze Petrle, leftists would say Kidrič’s government in 1945, they do not even acknowledge the government that lasted only a few days in 2019), then everything is clear. Thirty years of independent Slovenia shows that the leftists have been in opposition for only a good five years and in power for the rest of the time.

What about the issue of violence? Do you remember any street demonstrations, especially violent ones, during the time of left-wing governments? I do not. So we right-wingers did not even demonstrate, let alone be violent.

However, we have gathered many times, in an organized and legally permitted manner (court gatherings and other gatherings). We also organized separate state celebrations, but we have never jeopardized official state celebrations.

But what do leftists do during right-wing governments? In 2012-2013, violent demonstrations were organized in Maribor, as well as in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia. The protestors were even paid. Dozens of police officers were injured. As soon as the right-wing government fell in 2013, the protests ceased.

In 2020, even before the right-wing government took office, the leftists again organized unreported and thus illegal demonstrations calling for the assassination of Janez Janša. In both 2012 and 2020, leftists physically threatened and attacked participants in state celebrations, while shouting that the police were attacking them. Have you ever noticed right-wingers doing something like that? I did not.

What about left-wing and right-wing politicians? Left-wing politicians are taking part in and supporting unreported violent protests. This was the case in 2012, and it is the case this year. Right-wing politicians, on the other hand, expose themselves and organize public but registered and legal patriotic, and especially non-violent rallies, where Slovene flags flutter and Slovene songs are sung.

I am happy to be on the right side and I will remain here.


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