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četrtek, 22 aprila, 2021

We are back where we did not have to be again

Given that an epidemic has been re-declared, I will try to summarize my view of what is happening around this invisible enemy. Measures and restrictions in the spring months were unpopular because they changed the daily course of life we had been accustomed to until when we had to give up many habits and vices.

But the important thing is, these measure have proven to be effective. In June, we were able to count those actively infected with COVID-19 on the fingers of one hand, the matter was under control. Then life began to return to the old rails. Too many, despite all the warnings about self-protective behaviour, unfortunately forgot about COVID-19 and they acted as if the virus had completely disappeared. The borders opened up, it was necessary to go on vacation, although once in a lifetime you could exchange the Croatian sea for a pleasant destination at home and get to know interesting places in our country. The numbers of infected began to rise and reached more than a critical point. Let us hope that this cessation of life will be a school for all those who until now thought that such an outbreak could not happen again. I resent my fellow citizens for being so irresponsible – first to themselves, then to their loved ones, and last but not least to all of us and to the state. However, I also resent the state for releasing some restrictions too early and that is why the tightening is less well received now. The virus spreads most at private meetings and parties. The state prescribed that a maximum of 10 people can be present at a wedding, yet 100, 150 wedding guests were waiting at a tourist farm, in a garage or under a haystack, and the parties lasted long into the night. No masks, with lots of hugging, kissing, dancing and enormous amounts of alcohol. On the other hand, the small economy suffers the most, entrepreneurs who had to close down their activities, even though they did their best to maintain the required level of hygiene. I understand that at this critical point the tightening of the measures is necessray, but it is by no means fair to all of us who took action and were and are aware of the seriousness of the situation that was caused by those who did and still do not have the same awareness. Shame on them!



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