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Operational anti-crisis government and messed up opposition

The best thing that has befallen Slovenia is a good six months of the coalition’s rule under the leadership of Janez Janša. The coalition, consisting of SDS, SMC, NSi, and DeSUS parties, has proven that despite different worldviews they can be united in working for the good of the Republic of Slovenia and its citizens. During this time, they invested a tremendous amount of energy in mitigating the negative effects of the new coronavirus epidemic.

The latter has practically turned the operation of society all over the world upside down. With incredibly fast and decisive actions in adopting anti-crisis measures, the government has largely neutralised the negative consequences for the economy and all classes of Slovenian society. The government can already pride themselves with five anti-crisis legislative packages and the adopted supplementary budget, which is aimed primarily at helping the economy, health care, and the affected classes of society. The government has also already scrutinised the budget for the next two years. The budget will have a deficit that will rise above nine percent of the GDP this year due to the effects of the epidemic.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted the budget for 2021 in November last year, and just last week the government has approved a proposal for its amendments. Instead of 10.45 billion euros, the new expenses are expected to amount to 13.47 billion euros. Simultaneously, the government has also adopted the budget proposal for 2022 and the remaining documents necessary for the smooth implementation of the budget. All this will still be discussed by the National Assembly, but it is clear that the government wants to take a step forward with the budgets for the next two years, as the budgets are development-oriented. Namely, funds for investments and science are significantly increasing.

Despite the successful work of the government, we have the left-wing opposition and the dominant media that are constantly calling on the government to resign. Day by day, it seems that we have an opposition that only want to regain the power, but doing that they do not offer any serious alternative, let alone substantive added value.


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