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(VIDEO) Bloody migrant clash at the border: two migrants dead, ten wounded!

Two people died in a clash that broke out in a group of illegal migrants in Bihać in northwestern BiH on Wednesday night, ten were seriously injured and eight were slightly injured, reports the web portal klix.ba. Illegal migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan have clashed, all dead and wounded are Pakistanis.

According to a spokesman for the regional authorities, the incident happened on Wednesday around 10.15 pm on a meadow near the cantonal hospital in Bihać. There is a wild tent settlement of illegal migrants trying to get from BiH to Croatia and on to Western Europe.

One of the surrounding residents informed the police about the incident. Immediately after the notification, police officers arrived at the scene of the incident. There were between 70 and 80 migrants there, among them were also wounded, the spokesman explained. He added that migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan clashed using knives and blunt objects. All the dead and wounded are Pakistanis, and their identities are still being established.

The police investigation is hampered by the fact that the migrants involved in the conflict probably fled to a nearby forest. The police must first find the fugitives, the spokesman’s statements are summarized by the klix.ba portal.



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