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Migrant invasion: In the area of the Novo mesto Police Department, police arrested as many as 87 illegal migrants

Police officers from the Novo mesto Police Department have received 291 calls since the last report to the number 113, of which 79 were calls that required immediate police intervention. Most events were related to border issues, traffic safety, and public order.


Law and orderPolice officers intervened six times in a public place and twice in a private space due to reports of breaches of public order. Shortly after midnight, Krško police officers in Krško first wrote a payment order to the 32-year-old, and a little later they detained him, as he started violating public order again and did not calm down.

Šentjernej police officers wrote a payment order to a 31-year-old man who was breaking down at home and was above his family.Burglaries and theftsBrežice police officers dealt with a burglary in a residential house, which probably happened a few days ago.

The perpetrators inspected the house and took some gold and more valuable items from the garages and caused about four thousand euros in damage.In Stara vas near Semič, strangers took a lawn mower, a chainsaw and a few other items from the holiday cottage.

The amount of damage is still being determined.Severe injuries to the motorcyclistAround half past nine in the evening, a traffic accident occurred in Žužemberk. According to the first findings of the traffic police, the 65-year-old driver of the car allegedly forced an advantage on the 19-year-old motorcyclist. The latter was seriously injured in the collision and was taken by ambulance to the Novo mesto hospital. Due to the inspection and removal of the consequences of the accident, the traffic was disrupted for about two hours. The on-duty investigating judge and the state prosecutor were also informed about the incident.Border Affairs and AliensIn the area of Posavje, Dolenjska and Bela krajina, police officers arrested 37 foreigners during the day and 49 at night (a total of 87) who came to Slovenia illegally. Most were from Afghanistan (49), Pakistan (16), Morocco (11) and Bangladesh (10).In the morning, ten foreigners were arrested on the route Žvirče–Prevole, Struga and Stari trg. Police officers from the Grosuplje police station also assisted them in the arrest in the area between the police stations. Around half past one, Metlika police arrested five foreigners in the Dole settlement, and a little later eighteen more in Špeharje.When it got dark, the police arrested fourteen foreigners in the vicinity of Grič near Dobliče.

Shortly before midnight, police officers stopped a car with Austrian license plates on the route Ručetna vas– Brezovica, in which there were a total of sixteen foreigners, mostly citizens of Afghanistan. They also arrested a foreigner suspected of helping them cross the border illegally, so criminal investigators also joined the work at night.In early Friday morning, in Preloka, Črnomlje police officers arrested six foreigners, allegedly citizens of Morocco, and Brežice police officers arrested fourteen in Prilipe, allegedly citizens of Pakistan and India.Police officers who perform the tasks of guarding the state border were assisted at night by guide dogs and police officers from the special police unit of the Novo mesto police administration. Proceedings with arrested foreign nationals have not yet been completed.

Source: Novo mesto Police Department



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