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Some jokes are too cruel to be funny

Recently, political cyclists have been appearing on Friday evenings, who are upset by the government of Janez Janša.

There is no lack of “killer” calls in this variegated minestrone, personified by a grumpy specimen with a “titovka” on its head, which looks like a younger version of the Frante piercer.

Critical intellectuals, who present themselves as a scorched proletariat, are mostly accused of spending money on the budget, while the government they sponsor is accused of fascist oppression.

But where do we end up without imagination. These are not lacking for those cyclists who are in charge of statistics, and so five thousand cyclists in their statements grows to ten, twenty thousand, depending on the creativity of the counter.

The most creative multiplied two thousand five hundred participants to “an opaque crowd that grows every Friday.” This kind of creative bookkeeping has always been a feature of the Bolsheviks, which is why they also drilled a billion euro hole in our banks.

Friday’s protests are somehow spontaneous and without an organizer, although recently an artist, who is the end product of a red prosecutor and a bureaucrat, so to speak, a son by profession, has been vying for the Führer’s bicycle.

And that regime kid did a little drama the other day because the cops fined him for messing around on the sidewalk. He lamented to the cameras that it was fascism because he had been fined, while the children crawling on the sidewalks were not.

With any luck, the infantile will accompany their father and mother to the protests next time to protect him from the ugly uncles of the police.

However, not all protesters have mastered the complex technologies of pedalling and therefore protest on foot, such as the tribalistic patriarchal community in which men dance on tam-tams and women dance; but because they are “ours”, not even feminists are implanted.

All the listed protest minstrels therefore believe that Janša should hand over power to them. But even for those who have a well-developed sense of humour, some jokes are simply too cruel to be funny…


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