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petek, 16 aprila, 2021

Revolutionary greetings from Tehran

“He who speaks the truth does not have many friends.” I have seen this proverb on social media several times in recent weeks.

But it is mostly written by those from whom I would not expect it – whether they are the fans of the now somewhat forgotten “whistle-blower” Ivan Gale, who obviously has played his role. An interesting turnaround. A few years ago, the last head of the “ceka” (and thus the commander-in-chief of Udba) Milan Kučan developed a theory of several truths. This relativism was obviously only an intermediate station, for it is known that the party had the truth in its possession, which means that it could portray its lies as the truth. It is surprising that, for example, one of the visionaries of independent Slovenia and certainly one of the most capable Catholic priests of the twentieth century, Dr. Lambert Ehrlich on Wikipedia is shown as a scoundrel and a criminal? And woe to him, who dares to publicly question this lie, as he is immediately accused of hostile revisionism. Just like the author of the lines you are reading now.

It is also very dangerous to talk about the truth of the new version of left-wing uprisings. If you just mention that at least two well-known insurgents are involved in drug trafficking, you can accumulate very serious inconveniences on your neck. It is interesting that I even remember the articles on the criminal background of the all-Slovenian uprisings from year 2012, but they can no longer be found on the Internet.

Certainly, the great self-confidence of the leaders of the uprisings is connected, at least, with the fact that behind the uprisings stand not only the old networks, but even the representatives of the interests of other countries. For example, if you read a recent interview with Dr. Rado Pezdir on webpage siol.net, you will know what I am talking about. The interview refers to the “IranNLBgate affair”, as efforts are being made to remove the label “confidential” from the documents on the mentioned financial scandal, where the supervisory institutions, which should have carried out an investigation and taken measures, turned a blind eye. This means that not only their financial benefit but also their political interest was in the background.

So don’t be surprised if Iranian agents are also behind the Slovenian uprisings.


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