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In difficult times it is necessary to build and not to destroy

“Plague, famine and war save us, O Lord!” said our ancestors in difficult times. But let’s add too: save us from the extreme leftists who act as the fifth column.

“The virus has spread rapidly around the world, and much of it is likely to be related to economic flows with China,” notes in an interview for magazine Demokracija, economist Dr. Mitja Steinbacher. Of course, this has to do with globalization, which, as our interlocutor points out, has many positive effects on well-being and access to health care and excessive globalization also has negative effects that directly affect us all these days.

Steinbacher notes that the new Jansa government is efficient and is doing its best to fight the koronavirus, which is negatively surprised us by its infectiousness and rapid expansion. His concerns relate mainly to the model used to deal with the virus in general, which stifles production and inhibits the flow of knowledge, capital, people and all other goods between EU countries. “This model is based on unverified assumptions and a lack of knowledge about the virus. We will be able to discuss these things when the pandemic will go away.”

Well, if our interviewee reasonably thinks about the current situation, many unfortunately do not. It is as if they were living in a parallel world and “piling up” against the new government. The first of these is undoubtedly former Prime Minister Marjan Sarec, who was not even aware of the danger of koronavirus.

The current Prime Minister, Janez Jansa, had to force him out of the opposition, literally, as people came to Slovenia from northern Italy without difficulty, which became the worst focal point of the koronavirus in Europe, if not in the whole world. Not to mention at the time the misconceptions of the National Institute of Public Health and left-wing journalist activists who urged the new government to raise its wages.

At the same time, Jansa wisely announced a 30 percent reduction of salaries for all functionaries and a large package of legislation with measures worth at least three billion euros. In these difficult times, it is necessary to build and not to demolish…


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