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COVID-19 virus facts: Symptoms of how long it takes for an individual to overcome COVID-19 are unspecified

There are more and more informations on the symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19. The mistaken belief that the most formidable invisible enemy is only a symptom of the common flu is increasingly being proven wrong. The symptoms, mostly attributed to COVID-19 by healthcare professionals, have proven to be unspecified.

For illnesses such as flu and colds, health professionals can tell you how many days it takes for an individual to overcome harmful symptoms and recover. COVID-19 has proven to be an invisible enemy, as health professionals do not know exactly how many days it takes for a coronavirus-infected individual to become truly healthy.

Sore throat, snotty nose, various pains that are symptoms of COVID-19 are indeterminate. Symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath occur in both flu and cold and COVID-19. The incubation period for COVID-19 virus is two to fourteen days. The initial symptoms of the disease begin to spread gradually in an individual infected with COVID-19.

An individual can recover from the flu after three to seven days and from the common cold after seven to ten days, while for COVID-19 the disease duration is not specified.

However, one common symptom for COVID-19, which is not typical for colds and flu, is shortness of breath.


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