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Sharon Osbourne weeps over Ozzy’s emotional new music about his Parkinson’s agony

Sharon Osbourne got upset over the lyrics in her husband’s new songs as he sings about the agony of his Parkinson’s disease.

Sharon Osbourne has told how emotional new songs husband Ozzy wrote about his Parkinson’s agony have left her in tears.

A source close to the rocker said he poured his soul into the music, which he composed in the weeks and months after being diagnosed with the disease last February.

Sharon said of the new album, ­Ordinary Man, which is out next month: “I can’t listen to it all the way through because it makes me cry. I just can’t.”

The poignant lyrics of track Under the Graveyard include: “Today I woke up and I hate myself. Death doesn’t answer when I cry for help.”







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