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Italy – 1 in 5 arrests are foreigners despite making up only 8.7 percent of the population

Newly released statistical data from Italy’s national police force show that approximately one fifth – twenty percent – of all the arrests made in the country during 2018 were of foreigners.

According to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, the crime report asserted that of the 5,173 individuals who were arrested by Italy’s police force in 2018, 990 of them were foreign-born nationals.

In the report, the police included that of the foreign-born nationals who were arrested, Nigerian and Albanian nationals were the largest groups represented in the statistics, followed only by Moroccans, Romanians, and Tunisians.

The amount of arrests – about 1/5– contrasts drastically with the percentage of the entire foreign-born population living in the country which sits at a mere 8.7 percent or below one in ten, as per Italy’s official demographic statistics.

Italy has developed significant issues with Nigerian mafia gangs. A large scale bust in February showed that one of the mafia groups was employing occult voodoo rituals and threats of violence to maintain trafficked sex workers

conforming to their tyrannical orders.




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