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Thousands of migrants set up camps in Paris as authorities scramble to cope

France’s capital is facing another migrant crisis as more than 2,000 migrants from Africa and the Middle East are now sleeping in the open in the city, according to French media — less than a year after President Emmanuel Macron’s government evacuated makeshift camps around the capital.

Migrants, mainly from Afghanistan, are occupying 200 tents under a highway in the north of the capital, according to Le Figaro and AFP. That is similar to a nearby situation at Porte de Clignancourt, where there are 250 other migrants living on the sidewalks, keeping warm by improvised campfires and subway vents.

Paris officials said that the Ile-de-France region experienced a 45 percent increase in asylum seekers in 2018 and that its accommodations were “saturated.” Officials were implementing an emergency plan to open 1,200 places of shelter for migrants “very soon.”.




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