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Unbelievable! State Abolishes Category of Nationality in the Name of Internationalism; Is There a Connection with the Foreigners Rushing to Apply for Permanent Residence in Ljubljana, for the Needs of Zoran Janković?

Among the skeletons from the cabinet of the previous government – obviously a continuing policy today – it is worth mentioning that in 2016 the Ministry of Public Administration, which was headed by Boris Koprivnikar, actually abolished the declaration on nationality. It is clearly another measure to impose a false “multiculturalism”.

You probably remember how, at the 2002 Population Census, various cultural (and also classical) Marxists stirred up dust around the declaration of nationality and religious affiliation, which terrified many citizens and forced them not to declare their nationality and religious affiliation. Well, obviously there is a trend towards the eradication of nationality in our country. We will soon no longer have to know people’s nationality. One of our readers warned us of this, saying that even her husband had in a registered nationality his military booklet, as a Slovene in the former SFRY state.

What is it about?

On 11 August 2016, the Directorate for Administrative Internal Affairs, Naturalization and Migration sent instructions to the administrative units on the management of the data on nationality or the ban on the transmission of data in the register of permanent residents. This is a law on residency registration, where it is stated that when registering or canceling a residence or changing the address, the individual is no longer obliged to declare his or her nationality and the administrative worker has to inform each person separately of this. In addition, the individual should also be safeguarded with protection of personal data. Since, however, at that time – the changes came into force on 13 August 2016 – the population register was not yet adapted to the new legal provision, the administrative staff had to check “unknown” in the field designated to nationality or, the only other available option, was “no”.

What does it mean?

Perhaps, above all, it is the fact that national affiliation is abolished in practice under the pretext of the right to non-definition. This is, of course, in line with the neo-Marxist doctrine that nationality is absolutely important and that it would only be entered if one wishes to declare it. This is pure internationalism – the Slovene nationality suddenly no longer matters, nor is it important if someone is of foreign origin. All this leads to the conclusion that the legislator wanted to facilitate migrants’ stay and provide them with greater protection from possible “nationalists”, thereby introducing false “multiculturalism” through the back door. It is worth mentioning that the Slovenian nation is a constitutional category, since the third article of the Slovenian Constitution stipulates that Slovenia is “a state of all its citizens and is founded on the permanent and inalienable right of the Slovene nation to self-determination”.

 Interestingly, there are some things that are quite bizarre about this memo,

namely, in the head it is written “Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration”, that is, two ministries united. Such a ministry existed only during the government of Alenka Bratušek, that is, from March 2013 until the election of Cerar‘s government in September 2014. The ministry was then headed by Gregor Virant. With the election of Cerar’s government, the united ministry was divided again – the interior affairs were taken over by Vesna Györkös Žnidar while Boris Koprivnikar led the Ministry for Public Administration. However, the memo is dated 11 August 2016, almost two years after the unified Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration was gone! Why such a document is used is not clear. However, we can conclude that the Minister Boris Koprivnikar was responsible for this, given that the instructions were to the administrative units.

It may also be worthwhile to mention what we already wrote this week, namely, that the Administrative Unit of Ljubljana was literally bursting at the seams in the past few weeks, leading to a strike, which is on hold at the moment. The Administrative Unit of Ljubljana informed us that the biggest rush was to the departments for registration of foreigners, who have at least partial voting rights at the local elections. Several readers have warned us about the manipulations regarding the applications for permanent residence in Ljubljana recently, with the aim of enlisting as many voters as possible to vote for Zoran Janković. According to the legal provisions on nationality and the secrecy regarding the registration of residence, it seems that this manipulation is now even easier since concealing much of the information is made possible. In other words: the ruling nomenclature changes the laws, changing Slovenia to fit its image. If we do not stop it, it will be too late!


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