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Frightened Slovenian Women Appeal to Men for Protection Against Migrants, Fajon Mocks Them: “The Migrants Threatening Our Women, People and Culture are Imaginary Problem!”

The advent of illegal migrants to European countries has brought an increase in criminal and violent acts, as they are not burdened by the law in force in the receiving countries. Abroad it is proven, in practice, that Muslim migrants do not care about learning about European culture because they intend to continue living in Europe in accordance with their own traditions and habits. Despite the ignorance of the mainstream media, NGO’s, and some MEPs like Tania Fajon, more and more Europeans feel that security is not something that is self-evident, as evidenced on social networks, where frightened women call on men to protect them from the immigrants.


We are not talking about concerned women from some ‘distant’ European country, but of Slovenian women. So, if only years ago perhaps you thought that something like this cannot happen in our country, it is obviously not so today. A worrying note states: “We, the Slovenian women, are appealing to the men to protect us from migrants! This is not a call to violence, there is a thing called the diplomatic note in democracy”. It is interesting, however, that MEP Tanja Fajon has mocked these statements. Fajon is organizing a round table Against the Culture of Fear on Thursday, November 8. Fajon emphasized that “migrants threatening our women, people and culture…” as well as “a homosexual lobby that wants to destroy our families…” are just “two imaginary problems. “

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