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(VIDEO) Shocking confession! Illegal Migrant Kills Slovenian Policeman with Machete!

We are constantly warning of the dangers that come with illegal migrants. The numerous terrorist attacks that occurred in European capitals prove it. The attacks were committed by the same migrants that came through Slovenia and who were even escorted by the Slovenian police. Now, a shocking truth was revealed: a migrant killed a Slovenian policeman with a machete.

On national television we heard the statement that “it supports the procedures in this direction so as not to cause incidents, like the one that happened two years ago when one of the police officers was murdered with a machete by an illegal migrant”.

The Nova24TV web portal revealed in 2016 that the assassination of the police officer Damir Golobič was executed by an unstable 22-year-old German citizen, but his true identity remained unknown. Nova24TV then reported that the killer was a German citizen of Pakistani origins. “Who exactly was the 22-year-old who slaughtered the Slovenian police officer on duty is still unknown, since the police hide this information from the public. In similar cases of brutal attacks on the police, the identity of the killer has always been known, but in this case it was not possible,” they wrote.

The tragic event took place on June 29, 2016: “A little before 11 am, in the vicinity of Brežice, a 22-year-old German citizen stabbed a policeman with a knife in the chest area. The rescuers took a seriously injured 30-year-old police officer to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The attacker then fled and took his own life with the same knife in the vicinity of where the original event took place” they wrote on Nova24TV.

The fact that the killer used a machete to kill was not known until now. All the media reported that the policeman was stabbed with a knife.

You can watch the video confession HERE.


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