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Legal Migrants to Italy Support Closing the Borders to Illegals

A newly released survey of those who have migrated to Italy through legal channels has revealed that even immigrants are against mass illegal migration, with some even wanting to turn back refugees as well.

The study, which was conducted by the Regional Observatory for Integration and Multi-Ethnicity (ORIM), shows that 55.3 percent of immigrants would only welcome approved refugees while 12.2 percent would refuse to allow even recognised refugees into Italy and only 32.5 percent would advocate an open border policy, Il Giornale reports.

When broken down by country of origin, the statistics show legal Chinese migrants to be the most critical of mass migration with 27.4 percent saying they do not want any more illegal migrants or refugees, followed by legal Albanians at 16.7 percent. African migrants were the opposite, having the highest proportions of supporting open borders.

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