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Locals Near Kolpa River Back to The Trenches! Farmer: I Left for a Short Time, Migrants Broke into The House and Robbed Me!

“I thought we were safe, but apparently we are not. For a short time, I left with my tractor for the field. What a sight upon my return! The entire house was a mess and I was left without any money,” a farmer from the village of Vodena Draga told Radio Mrežnica.


Everything happened at lunch time. The local was in shock. He knows that migrants pass by his house every day, in the direction of Vienna and Bosiljevo and continue to Slovenia, but he could not even imagine that this would happen to him. He was left without 2000 kunas, as a “souvenir” they left him their dirty clothes, and stole his clean ones.

The migrants broke into another house, only 100 meters away, where they stole alcoholic beverages. In the village of Vodena Draga, there is no longer a house in which migrants did not break into yet in recent months, Radio Mrežnica reports.


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