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MEP Romana Tomc: Dementia is a disease that can affect anyone, and the stories of those who suffer from it are heartbreaking.

MEP Romana Tomc (SDS/EPP) is a member of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance (EAA) in the European Parliament. The EEA’s goal is to raise awareness, especially at the political level, about the necessity of more action regarding the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. With this cause in mind, the Alzheimer’s disease international (ADI) declared September to be a month dedicated to raising awareness about the disease. Today, 21st of September, was declared World Alzheimer’s Day.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most frequent cause of dementia, which affects more than thirty thousand people in Slovenia. »Dementia is a disease that can affect anyone, and the stories of those who suffer from it are heartbreaking. Sadly, dementia is becoming more and more frequent even in Slovenia, because the population is aging fast,« Romana Tomc stressed. »That is why Slovenia needs a strategy to ensure a wholesome and efficient way of dealing with the disease, from early diagnosis to effective treatment, but also awareness and prevention.«

»The Ministry of Health prepared a Strategic plan of comprehensive measures in order to achieve these goals. By 2017, an Action plan was supposed to be introduced, however, it has not yet seen the light of day. The new government has to put dementia high on their list of priorities, otherwise socio-economic costs will rise along with the people affected by dementia. Unfortunately, the pressure under which the healthcare system in Slovenia is right now, worries me. It could delay the comprehensive treatment of issues, connected to the disease. Even the new coalition treaty does not predict any action in the field of dementia,« the MEP adds.

»Slovenia can learn a lot from other EU member states. A lot of different approaches which encompass all aspects of life that dementia affects, have been formulated all over Europe. Slovenia faces slow improvement in numerous fields, many of which are suffocated by bureaucracy. Therefore, I count on the new government to put their promises from the Strategic plan into action very soon, « MEP Romana Tomc concludes.


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